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Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reminder)

Originally posted 12/2/2008.

I spoke with my mom last night. She said one of her neighbors young daughter was out walking an “adorable” black lab puppy yesterday afternoon. My mom stopped to talk with the girl, and to ooh and ahhh over the puppy. The young girl (12 or 13) was not enjoying the walk, as the young puppy was pulling this way and that and misbehaving something awful at the other end of the leash. The little girl was near tears, and told my mom that her parents had bought her the puppy for her birthday. And, in the girl’s words’ “I hate him. Hate hate hate him. He bites me all the time, and chews everything. I didn’t want this puppy. He’s horrible.”

I told my mom to tell the girl that if the family was thinking about getting rid of the puppy because she “hated him so much,” that she would take him. My mom laughed. She said she would take that pup in a New York minute, but that “Your father would kill me.” Probably not, but she’s got a point there. The last thing my 80-year-old parents need is a rambunctious puppy that will grow into a large rambunctious dog with the potential to knock them on their butts at every turn. (Note to mom: Clover didn’t mean to knock you over. Really. You were just in between her and a squirrel.)

The conversation with my mom got me thinking about that little black lab pup, so I thought i would write my own Public Service Announcement about buying puppies as gifts, especially with Christmas approaching. That’s how I got Cosmo – from some idiot who posted on Craig’s List. Seems this woman bought the puppy, gave it to her kid for Christmas on December 24, and was trying to re-home him on January 1st.

Ok. Here is my PSA about puppies as gifts, especially at Christmas.

  • READ MY BLOG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO TODAY. That should scare some sense into you. And, if you think Clover is an exception, think again!
  • If that doesn’t scare you, then please consider this: Two dogs @ the vet last Friday for dental cleaning, including some shots for Clover = $958.26.
  • And, if you must get a puppy, please do not buy from a pet store! They are, in most instances if not all, demon purveyors of puppy mill puppies.
  • Oh, and back to the girl with the hated puppy: Just because YOU want a puppy, doesn’t mean everyone else in the house wants one!

One thought on “Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reminder)

  1. Ooooo, owners like that make me annoyed. I agree greatly with you. Pets should not be presents! It should be through planning, commitment, and then for children I’d make them wait a bit just to make sure they really will promise to put up with the “horrible puppy”.

    (Though I really do need to say, when I do get a dog I would like to get him or her around Christmas or New Years only because then I probably won’t forget the date I got them!)


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