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1)     I didn’t say random “crap” in my title in deference to it being Sunday and all.  I also didn’t call this posting “tidbits” because that word always makes me laugh.  Not sure why, but it does.  Update:  I wanted to add, that maybe it makes me laugh because so many people get it wrong, and I’m really laughing at “titbits.”  Hahaha!  Now, I’m laughing.

1a)    I should also add that the latest round of doctors’ visits went fairly well.  I still have another check-up this week, but my next MRI is scheduled for February.  Joy of all joys.  I will, however, get to visit with my friend Boris.  Need to look up the medical definition of “double vision.”  Not sure if it is me, or my glasses need a good cleaning.  Crap.  Update: I think it was the glasses.

2)     I am a huge football fan.  I have been, and always will be a Miami Dolphins fan.  I hate the Redskins, but being as I’m in the Northern Virginia area, I am destined to suffer … err, I mean, revel in the stupidity of the Deadheads .. err, I mean Deadskins .. no that’s not right.  Or, maybe it is.  Tampa Bay – 17, Washington – 16.  Yessssss!  oh, and Miami 10, New York Jets – 6.  More Yesssssss!

3)     During the last few weeks, I have found some hard, stale rice balls the size of baseballs in my backyard.  Each time, I got to them before the dogs, and was able to throw them away.  Until today, I had no idea where they were coming from, but was ready to blame the damned rats.  The rats are still around, but keeping a low profile.  The reason I know this is that the bait traps are always empty when the Hunky Exterminator Guy comes to check on them. 

Anyway, the rice balls. The way I figure it, one of my neighbors must be feeding the little furry rats.  An hour ago, both of the mutts were fussing at the back door in “Squirrel Alert” mode.  Perched on the fence, by the back door, was a very wet squirrel munching on some rice. 

Note to self: talk to the neighbors.  Rats, Squirrels, same thing as far as I’m concerned — better off dead (or living at someone else’s house.)

4)     I went thrift store shopping yesterday, spent about $40, and had a great time.  I bought a set of  Wedgwood dishes for myself.  I can’t explain to you why I bought more dishes, other than to say it is a sickness this dish fetish that I have.  Sick, I tell you. I did leave behind some pretty white dishes from Williams-Sonoma (that I am going to go back and buy on Tuesday.)  Sick, sick, sick.  Update:  I didn’t go back for the other dishes.  I took a pass, and it felt good.  (Not really.)

I also got about 10 Christmas Music CD’s cheap!  Most are going to my mom and dad or my uncle, all except two that I’m keeping for myself:

I love Snoopy, Linus, Pigpen, and Charlie Brown, and this music gets me humming:

Then there is this one.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but, somehow, I didn’t think my mom would appreciate the true genius of:

Who knew that the bad boys of Southern Rock and Roll had a Christmas album? With songs like:

“Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'”, and

“Santa’s Messin’ With The Kid”

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that this is not your usual Christmas album.

I also got some drinking glasses (25 cents each) that say “Seasons Greetings” on them in red and green, some gold-plated 3-d NASA Shuttle Christmas ornaments ($1 each), a pair of silver earings for my sister ($1), and I am very proud (and surprised) to add that I didn’t buy one book.  TIP:  Thrift stores are great places to pick up pet stuff (dog bowls, leashes, collars).  Cheap.  $1.00 for a aluminum dog bowl.

5)      I made some really spicy curried cauliflower for dinner.  It was very yummy and very spicy.  I made up the recipe, and I’m proud to say it came out good.  Spicy, but good.  Oh, yeah, did I say it was SPICY?  Update:  It was good, but stinky too. 

6)     Yesterday, I stopped into Trader Joe’s to get a couple of their specialty Christmas items for my mom and dad:  chocolate truffles, minty marshmallows, eggnog cookies and such.

While I was there, I was looking at the juices, and noted a new holiday cider.  Another lady was looking at it too, and I asked her if she had ever tasted it.  She said no, and I noticed a TJ associate, and asked him if he’d tasted it.  He said no, and

I suggested, “Why don’t you open that up for us so we can taste it.” 

 He said, “Sure, no problem.”

The other lady looked at me and said, “Wow! I would never have done that!” 

To which I said, “I’m a very forward type person.” 

She responded, “Yes! you really are!” (looking at me in either awe, fascination, or horror)

 TJ-guy came back with some paper cups and we started passing out samples of the “TJ Spiced Pear Cider.” 

All I have to say is this … Yum. 

And, this … It tasted like liquid apple pie.  I bought two, the other lady bought two, everyone we passed out samples to bought a bottle.  SOLD OUT!  TJ’s rocks.

I like being forward.


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  1. You know, my Master actually used to work at the Trader Joe’s place and he loved it because you got to be nice to the customers and give them taste tests and whatnot. You know what else? If you don’t like anything you buy there they take it back, no questions asked. Momma even took back some cheese that was totally out of its wrapper just because she said it was icky. However, they do carry many “Mango” based products.



  2. Sounds like you’re getting ready to mush South for the holidays. Hope you have a safe trip with no ice & snow.

    So where were the squirrels getting the rice balls? Sounds like someone must be deliberately feeding them, but if so, why rice? If you haven’t seen any dead squirrels, presumably the rice isn’t poisoned. If the intent is to help the squirrels, why not put out food squirrels eat naturally? Odd.

    Jed & Abby


    • I have a couple of older Korean neighbors that I think are the culprits. I hate to say anything to them because they are such nice people. I am sure they think they are helping the poor little starving (NOT) creatures …


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