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If Looks Could Kill .. I’d Be Pushing Daisies Right Now

When presented with reindeer ears, a handfull of biscuits, and me with my camera, anything at all is possible. 


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19 thoughts on “If Looks Could Kill .. I’d Be Pushing Daisies Right Now

  1. Frasier sends thoughts of solidarity, he won’t let me near him with anything to put on but Maggie Beagle loves to be dressed up.


  2. I did it for chicken jerky. Don’t be ashamed. There are just some things we have to do. I have a Christmas sweater too. There’s a family picture to be made and we’re ALL wearilng red sweaters. At least it wasn’t that really dumb tuxedo outfit. Be grateful for the biscuits.

    Smell you later,
    Opie — another long suffering Snorkie.


  3. Your right… I’ll take the cold wet snow over the lite me up antlers lol. ok sorry I laughed at you. If it helps my human thinks your adoreable!
    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About


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