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I Thought I Was Having A Seizure

The other night, I got off of work pretty late, and it was almost 3:00 a.m. when I got to bed.  I was exhausted, and fell asleep quickly.  Clover and Cosmo were asleep at the bottom of the bed, Cosmo curled up in a ball, Clover trying very hard not to touch him.

I sort of woke up a few hours later, kind of in that twilight time — not really awake, but getting there.  I realized that my legs were shaking, and my mind went to work.  Uhhh Ohhhh, I thought, “I’m having a seizure!  Its the damned M.S.!  Crap!  What the hell is wrong with me?  Argh!  911, 911, 911 !!

As I start to really wake up, eyes opening, trying to stretch my legs, all the while trying to not freak out completely, I realized it wasn’t me!

Clover was lying next to my legs, and she was snorting, squeaking, legs a flailing – kicking me with each step she took.  She was running the Marine Corps Marathon!  She was in first place!  She gave me bruises on my legs!  She scared the crap out of me!  It took me a few minutes to get my blood pressure back to normal. 

I reached down and gave her a pat, she lifted her head with her eyes not really focusing at first, she sighed, reached over gave my hand a lick or two, then flopped back on the bed.

4 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Having A Seizure

  1. Ah, that good ole REM sleep. Wonder how many times you’ve awakened the dogs with your unconscious dreaming? Most interesting is when the human-animal REM cycles collide. Mama was having a dream once about being trapped in a ditch with rats [don’t ask]and the bed-sharing cats started twitching all over her legs. Only time in her adult life mama has ever literally fallen out of bed. This was many years ago; if she did it today, she’d break a hip or something equally valuable, which would interfere with her ability to wait on us hand and foot.

    Jed & Abby


  2. Years ago I had a little dog who slept with me when my husband was on duty. We had just moved to California and I was a bit nervous of earthquakes…. well one night I woke up to the bed shaking and I jumped out of bed yelling “earthquake”….ran across the hall and got my sister up and we stood in the doorway while she sleepily asked me what was going on…Um, my bad. It was just my dog, having a good scratch. It’s been 17 years and my sister still laughs hysterically when retelling this story!


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