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some additional randomcrap

1.  I went to my neurologist last week.  I am still a “very complicated” patient in his opinion.  I don’t mind being complicated, I mind having M.S.  It seems that we have found a good balance with the medications I’ve been taking, and have added some magnesium and a good multivitamin to the mix.  I like the fact that my neurologist is willing to look at vitamins and supplements as opposed to another prescription drug. Here’s hoping the magnesium helps with the eye twitches, because that Neuro-opthomologist I went to earlier this year, was full of crap when it came to the twitches.  Nothing he suggested helped, and I still have ’em.  The twitches that is. 

2.  Don’t worry.  I won’t bother you with all the other medical crap and tests ordered by my gynecologist.  Freaks me out too. Update: two of four tests came back with good results. Two more to go!

3.  I have bought at least 300 used books at the thrift store, or at recent rummage sales.  I don’t really know what the hell I was thinking.  Most are paperbacks, and a good portion of them are headed to my mom.  The rest are living in the back of my Explorer until I can figure out where to stash them.  Update:  I hauled the bags into the living room so I could sort them, and have a couple of piles on the floor to deal with   I’ve hauled a bunch of stuff out to re-donate.  I’ve got more to go to the post office to mail to my mom.  The living room is starting to get back to normal.  Yeah!

4.  I went to a church craft sale on Saturday, and spent $9 on rocks.  Seriously.  Three of ’em.   

5.  Clover and Cosmo are still depressed … with after vacation burnout. Cosmo is really bad.  I haven’t seen him all day yesterday or today except to go out and water the weeds.  As soon as he’s done eating, he heads straight upstairs to sleep in the closet.  I think Clover is getting worried.  I saw her take a couple of stuffies upstairs to see if she could entice Cos to play.  (No worries, he’s not sick, just annoyed with me.)  Update:  The mutts are back to their old selves. 

6.  Pot of Navy Beans and Ham Hocks on the stove simmering away; smells pretty good in here!  Update:  I ended up making the most wonderful escarole and bean soup.  Note to self: Buy more Bean-O. 

7.  I just did two loads of laundry, and I forgot to put in soap. I’m calling a “redo” on the laundry and starting over.  Now.

3 thoughts on “some additional randomcrap

  1. Where to start. Obviously not with the laundry you’ve already re-done by now. Annoying, but not as bad as if you’d dried in the dirt & smell, or, worse, had already ironed whatever needs ironing [if anyone actually does that any more. Our mom avoids it like the plague]. Is Cos just exhausted, or is he moping because he misses his granddad & best buddy? Our theory is it takes a day of recovery at home for every day you were away on vacation. Boy, mama wishes she’d known about your mom’s obsession when she was clearing the garage of 30 years worth of books [no room in the house]. Mama ended up giving hundreds of books away, mostly to the local library which probably sold them or tossed them.

    We hope you’ve attained a plateau with the M.S., so at least you’re not going downhill. We sincerely hope things get better, or at least not worse.

    Jed & Abby


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