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Censored by a Ball Point Pen

I stopped into a used bookstore when I was in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  I had read all of the books I took with me for the trip, and was on the hunt for a couple more to keep me entertained for a few days. 

I picked up a historical romance by Linda Lael Miller.  I like her books, and all I was looking for was a quick read.  My review of the book?  The storyline was ok, the damsel in distress annoyed me, and while I like the author, I don’t think I would buy the other books in this series.  That’s just my opinion, and its not going to make one bit of difference in the scope of things, but I was glad I didn’t pay full-price for it.

The reason I am sharing this boring commentary with you?  As I read through the book, and got towards the end, there was a conversation between two characters and the dialogue must have been too much for the previous owner/reader.  

Every instance where the character uses the word “goddamn” in conversation, someone has scratched it out with a pen.  I mean, seriously? You’ll buy a romance novel with some graphic sex scenes, but you’ll do this to a book?

I have read thousands of books in my lifetime, a lot of them bought second-hand at book stores and yard sales, library sales and thrift stores.  I have never seen anything like this before, and as you can tell it really bothers me.  

Check in next week, maybe I’ll find a book burning bonfire to share with you.

4 thoughts on “Censored by a Ball Point Pen

  1. Which series was this, I have all of her books. And, yes that cracks me up. P.S. If you don’t like your kidle, you can always send it to me, I have Kindle envy. But, im not sure, there is nothing like the smell of a book, the turning of the pages, and cuddling up with one on a rainy day. Just dont think an electronic device would be same.


  2. I volunteer in a small public library in east TN. You wouldn’t believe what people complain about! “This book has SWEAR WORDS in it!” (I was good and didn’t say, “No s–t!”) We have many of Miller’s fans and I haven’t heard any complaints about language yet. We actually have a whole section of “good” romances.


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