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1.  We (me and the dogs) are exhausted.  We are just back from a week of R&R in North Carolina, and we’re all having a hard time adjusting to being back home where there is no lake to swim in, no big yard to chase and run in, no big deck to guard, or chickens and other dogs and people to bark at.  Reality sucks some times.

2.  If you drove on I-81 from Tennessee to Northern Virginia on Sunday, and you were shocked to see one lone courteous driver in a blue Ford Escape using the turn signal each time she changed lanes or exited the highway, that was me.  And, to that asshole that cut me off going 70 miles per hour while he drank a coffee and talked on the cellphone–I hope you live a long life, but I kind of doubt it.

3.  Where the heck did Fall go?  I went from a/c to heat in a matter of one week.  The leaves are just past peak color in Northern Virginia, and one good wind and what leaves are still stuck to the trees will be gone.  Pfft.

4.  I took myself to breakfast yesterday morning.  I like going out to breakfast, and I treat myself to biscuits and sausage gravy once a year because if I didn’t limit my consumption of this wonderful invention, then I would be seeing a cardiologist, and I imagine my waist would be even bigger than it already is. 

5.  Talking about breakfast yesterday, the “joint” was packed and the hostess asked me and the elderly man in front of me if we would share a table.  We both said “sure” at the same time.  What followed was a truly enjoyable 90 minutes. More on my “Breakfast with Frank” later this week. 

6.  I have some beef stew going strong in the crockpot, and my house smells wonderful. 

7.  Clover hasn’t barked at anything – real or imagined – in 24 hours.  I’m thinking of taking her to the vet to see if she is ok.

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  1. Glad you are back safe and sound. All sorts of rotten drivers in all parts of the states. Me and my mom live in the Los Angeles area — need I say more? That’s why Mom has me in a special doggy seatbelt.

    Mom likes to meet new people. Me– not so much. I bark at them. I like the people she meets at the dog park. She gets to talk and I get to play and play and play. My mom’s a big talker, like I’m a big barker. I guess we’re both social animals. :)

    I’m sorry if Clover is under the weather. It could be that the smell of that stew is making her have wonderful doggy dreams. I know it smells great in the house when Mom’s cooking some juicy meat. I just lay on the kitchen floor and dream of eating it.

    I do hope Clover’s okay.

    Smell you later,

    Your pal,


  2. Fall is fleeting, especially this year! It’s always fun to end up at a table with strangers and both you and the other person make the best of it. We’ve met some very interesting people that way.


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