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Clover! Will you please STFU!

A few years ago, and BC (Before Cosmo), it was a lovely October evening with a light breeze.  We were upstairs with the windows open, vegging out in front of the TV.  Relaxing, right?  Ah ha!  Not so!

Clover started with a couple of low growls followed by a couple of loud barks.  All of a sudden she went flying off the chair into my bedroom.  The barking went on for about 10 minutes, and as more time went on the more frantic she got.  She ran back and forth from one window to another barking her freaking head off.  She looked at me like, “What the hell is wrong with you … I’m trying to tell you something here.”  And, I was more of the mind of yelling at her to shut the hell up because she’s crazy and barks at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I walked over to the big window in my bedroom, and pulled back the drape, and yelled at her “See?  There is NOTHING there!”  She went absolutely balistic and jumped up on the window seat and continued to bark like an idiot.  I looked down, at the sidewalk in front of my house and saw an absolutely HUGE FREAKING COYOTE!  Believe me, this was no German Shepherd, no tiny little red fox, but a huge healthy furry coyote. 

Ok.  So, Clover got it right this one time. She continued to bark her head off, and when I reached up to close the windows, the HUGE FREAKING COYOTE made a kind of growl, and the light from my bedroom window reflected red eyes back at me.

I sealed up the windows, turned on the A/C, gave Clover a biscuit, and eventually tried to get some sleep.  Try being the key word here, because all night long “Clover of the Excellent Hearing” would pipe up with a barking jag every 20 to 30 minutes.   It was a long, noisy night. 

When I went out the next morning, I admit to being pretty freaked out by the amount of dead bunny fur all over the front yard.  In reflection, I have to say that I probably owe that Coyote a big thanks because it ate the rabbits that were eating my tomatoes; and it taught me the difference in Clover’s alerting me to danger bark vs. I’m just a freaking crazy barking dog bark.

5 thoughts on “Clover! Will you please STFU!

  1. Phew, close call. Those coyotes can be pretty fearless sometimes. One time one was sort of stalking momma and Beautiful Raja (190 pound mastiff). Huh?



    • You bet! Another time, one followed us on a walk. Both mutts sat down very still and kind of stared it down until it wandered off.

      We have a family of small red foxes nearby, too. They are very quiet, and you hardly ever see them.

      The rabbits, which used to be quite a lot and very bold, have mostly disappeared from my neighborhood!


  2. We see them in our area occasionally. They are just trying to survive, and their natural prey is hard to find. So they eat what they can find, which can be cats and small pets.
    My Frasier is part coyote, we’re not sure how much but the vet thinks it’s a lot.


  3. Ah, I know that bark well. Ryker has a distinctive bark when there is a Moose in the yard. I is very demanding, the bark that shall not be ignored!


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