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My Dogs Are Very Helpful

Clover likes to carry things, so I give her things to take upstairs for me.  Books, folded laundry, newspaper.  She generally drops things at the top of the stairs.  When we lived in our previous house, my front door was steps from the driveway, so when I went to the grocery store, I would back in, and she would come out jump in the back of the SUV to “help” bring in the groceries.  I stopped doing this when she disappeared in the yard with a bag containing a pound of butter and some cookies. 

 Let’s face it .. one of the reasons I’m always doing laundry is because of the dog hair.  Its magic!  It weaves itself into the upholstery, and sticks to things like glue.  I have to vacuum the inside of the refrigerator/freezer every couple of months.  I don’t know how the dog hair gets in there, but it does. 

Today takes the cake.  I am in the middle of laundry hell.  You know, the one Sunday of laundry when you wash every blanket, sheet, towel, pillow, doggie blanket, etc.  I have a large collapsible laundry basket in the living room and as I fold, I stack.  I have just finished load 7 and have 2 more to go. 

 I’m also watching football and apparently not paying attention to my dogs.  I look down and voila!  Cosmo is asleep on top of a clean, folded pile of laundry in the basket that is about 2 feet high.  He is like a laundry cake topper splayed out on top of my clean underwear, pj’s, and towels.  Maybe he was afraid it would float away if he didn’t hold it down for me. 

 As soon as I reached for the camera, pffft!  the Kodak moment was gone.  Cosmo  “jumped” down and headed upstairs with two or three stocking knee-hi’s attached to his butt.

5 thoughts on “My Dogs Are Very Helpful

  1. That’s a LOT of laundry! Good thing you had helpers. Never heard of stickin the laundry to your but to carry it into the room for put-away BOL :)

    Waggin at ya,


  2. Oh man! We had laundry from hell day on Saturday and momma STILL has not folded the stuff and put it away. I, too, enjoy fresh from the dryer fabric. In fact when momma washes the sheets on my bed I can’t wait to sink down into their April freshness.

    Oh yeah, about those Kodak moments? Well, the camera needs to be on hand at all times. ALthough I will say that its happy turning on sound can distract me from being cute sometimes.



  3. I have two boys and the laundry is always the laundry from hell. Particularly when someone has something gross in their jeans pocket. Opie likces clean laundry and has taken my basket as his “mobile bed” Luckily, he doesn’t shed, but his long hair, courtesy of his yorkie antecedents picks up everything from outside — leaves, twigs, clods of dirt and let’s not forget the dust elephants within the house. This gets deposited on my clean laundry unless I can clean him before he gets to the bed. You can imagine how successful I am. LOL!

    Good luck!
    Opies mom


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