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1.   My 2005 Ford Escape almost got traded in a couple of weeks ago, but I hesitated, wanting to see how end of year discounts might come into play.  I kept thinking that if I waited a few more weeks, I might save some money.

2.  See #1 and next time DON’T FREAKING HESITATE, ok?

3.  I did not faint when the nice guy at the car-fixit-place handed me the bill to fix my STUPID FORD ESCAPE.   I just handed him my Amex card, and thought kindly of all the rewards points I just earned

4.  $ 2,661 isn’t a lot of money when you think of it.  I mean at least now I don’t have a car payment, and Amex just gave me enough rewards points to help me buy some stupidcrap I don’t need.  I wish I could have used the points to buy the PCM (power control module) and ignition  coil that are apparently necessary engine components. 

5.  The StupidFordEscape was running really rough after paying $2,661 to fix it, so I brought it back in for some brakes, rotors, struts, shocks, winterizing, tuning up, artery cleaning, etc. 

6.  Iamsofreakingstupid that I didn’t trade the freakingstupidFordEscape in when I had the chance.

7.  See no. 6 above, and write another check for $2,380, and ignore the clicking sound coming from the front end for at least another couple of days and then raise holy hell at the nice car-fixit-place, and find an eraser to remove the word “chump” which must be somewhere on my forehead.

4 thoughts on “somestupidrandomcrap

  1. Ouuuuuch! That reminds me of when my 1997 Subaru needed a new $2,000 catalytic converter just after the local Toyota place destroyed my wife’s Celica by driving it hot and blowing the head gasket.


  2. That sounds just rotten. Do you want me to bite the mechanic for you? I’d be happy to. I have a short list of people I’m allowed to bite. I can ask mom to put fixitplace guy on the list. He sounds tasty!

    Your Pal Opie


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