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My Sister Called Me Yesterday Morning; or, “I Can’t Sleep, So I’ll Wake YOU Up.”

My phone rang yesterday morning at 3:20 a.m. I almost had a heart attack. The adrenalin was rushing, and I answered the phone with the appropriate 3:20 a.m. greeting of “Who Died?”

My sister, who is having a pretty bad time of it lately, from being unemployed, living too far away from her family, suffering from a spider bite to the face, and being zonked out on pain killers and antibiotics, is a mess. On top of all of this, her neighbors have a pair of pit bulls that are terrorizing her with their barking 24×7.

So, what does a younger sister do when she can’t sleep and is having a meltdown? Well, she calls her older sister, wakes her from a fitful sleep, and cries for 20 minutes.

What does the older tired sister do? She waits (wait being the key word here) until exactly 9:00 a.m. and calls their mother to tattle on her sister, that’s what she does (hoping that their parents can call younger sister and help her sort things out because it is ok to wake up older sister at 3:20 a.m., it would be totally out of character for said younger sister to take older sister’s advice.)  Then, after having dealt with 6 hours of anxiety and worry over her sister, she curls up to sleep for 2 hours on the couch with one dog at her feet, and the other upstairs stretched out on the bed drooling on her bed pillow.


2 thoughts on “My Sister Called Me Yesterday Morning; or, “I Can’t Sleep, So I’ll Wake YOU Up.”

  1. That is because younger sister, loves older sister :) LOL. SHEESH I don’t check your blog for a week, and I have been blogged on, also tattled on. I am sorry I woke you at 330am, but it was either that or take out shot gun. See, I saved you from bailing me arse out of jail. (Disclaimer here, would never EVER use shot gun on those hounds of hell) XO your younger sister, ME


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