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I Give Up ….

Clover and Cosmo went to daycare yesterday, and I didn’t feel any guilt over spending the morning shopping some mega yardsales.  When we got home yesterday afternoon, they both look as tired as me. Both of them slept on the bed last night, as did I!  And all three of us snored up a storm!

I have come to a conclusion that spending a Saturday morning driving around and shopping at so many yard sales I can’t count ’em is just plain wearing me out.  It has also come to my attention that the “treasures” or bargains found shopping at yard sales just do not balance out how absolutely crappy I feel afterwards.  I guess the doctor really does know best when he says, “You need to slow down and take better care of yourself.”  Ok. I think I get it now.

I did  buy a couple of things yesterday, including a book written by my boss.  I intend to bring it into work on Monday and ask her to autograph it and endorse it to my parents.  I will not, however, tell her I bought her book (brand new) at a yard sale for 25 cents.

All of the books I bought this weekend were 25 cents.  There were some I really wanted, but they were $3 to $5, and neither the seller or I would budge on price when I offered one price for all of the books.  Oh well.  I imagine if I stop by the nearest thrift store to their home, I’ll find the books next weekend for the price I wanted to pay originally.

I also got a great hand crocheted blanket (granny squares) for $2.  The guy I bought it from said that his wife’s grandmother had made it for him.  I tried to talk him out of selling it – what if grandma comes to visit and doesn’t see her blanket?  The guy just laughed at me, but I could hear his brain working as I walked away, and almost expected him to call out to me as I got in the car.  “Hey, lady, gimme back my blankie.”  Poor granny – no appreciation  for her creativity.

A couple of cookbooks (oy vey) found their way home.  Gilroy Garlic Cookbook, Biba’s Italian Cookbook, and a neat old book from 1952 that the seller’s husband’s aunt left behind when she died.  Anyone for some Slovak-American cooking?  Doesn’t everyone need to know how to make kapustniky?

7 thoughts on “I Give Up ….

  1. I know it’s not as good as a yard sale but there is always eBay.
    And doctor or not remember to never give up, what good is life if you’re not happy.

    But what do I know? ;-)


  2. Sometimes on my weekend walks we pass by yard sales. Last one we passed by had a bunch of stuffies layin on a blanket. I tried real hard to belly crawl over and snag one so Mom would have to buy it for me but Mom caught me before I could get to it. :( Both the yard sale lady and myself were very disappointed.

    Oh well. Next time ;)


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