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The Mt. Olive Pickle People of Mount Olive, NC are Sneaky!

The Mt. Olive Pickle People are sneaky.  They currently sell a product that is labeled “No Sugar Added Sweet Pickle Relish.” I guess the label should be a hint that something is amiss with this product, as in “No Sugar Added” led me to believe that it was regular sweet relish, with perhaps less sugar than normal.  Let me just say how wrong I was.  Yes, I should have read the label, but I didn’t.  Let me say unequivocally, that adding Splenda to pickle relish is just wrong, wrong, wrong.  And, it tastes bad, bad, bad.

I recently won a giveaway on the web site “Food Blogga” for some wonderful Strauss Free Veal Hot Dogs.  Let me say, that if you haven’t ever tried these hot dogs, then you are missing out on a great treat.  Imagine, if you can, a nice grilled Strauss hot dog, with some sauerkraut and mustard.  Or, perhaps a grilled dog with mustard and relish?  I am compelled, however, to say that Splenda-infused pickle relish should not come anywhere near a Strauss Free Veal Hot Dog.  Ever.   

If you weren’t confused enough by Mt. Olive’s sneaky attempt to get me to eat anything with Splenda in it, please take a moment to consider this statement from their own web page. Their sneakiness is monumental!

“The Mt. Olive Pickle Company is named for its hometown, Mount Olive, NC. Tradition has it the town was named for the biblical Mount of Olives. We realize it’s a bit confusing. Mount Olive and Mt. Olive are located on the Coastal Plain of Eastern North Carolina. There’s nary a hill in sight. No mounts in Mount Olive, or olives, either. Just pickles.”

Now, I doubt that the folks from Mt. Olive will ever make it to my blog.  I am not a food blogger, nor a food critic, just a pickle lover from a long line of Mt. Olive-non-Spelnda-infused pickle lovers, and all I have to say is “For God’s sake, ditch the Splenda,” or at least put something on the front of the label, so people like me who are too stupid to read the back of the label won’t ruin a wonderful hot dog.  Ok?”


6 thoughts on “The Mt. Olive Pickle People of Mount Olive, NC are Sneaky!

  1. well you need to take yourself down to Mt. Olive during the Pickle Festival and give those pickle people a piece of your mind. WHAT…you didn’t know about the Pickle Festival..yep…use to go all the time growing up…had a giant pickle shaking hands…how very strange…


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