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Some Updates; Or, “intelligence, news, tidings, word”

1.  My dad is doing well, but still waiting for the results from his mammogram.  When asked how the test went, he told me “It wasn’t bad, but then I don’t have boobies either.”  Ok.  Thanks for that image dad.

2.  My mom seems to be pretty feisty these days.  She told me today that she called my sister’s ex-mother-in-law yesterday to snitch on the ex-son-in-law’s bad behavior toward my niece – nothing sinister, just mean and neglectful.  I was kind of shocked when my mom related the conversation she had with Rene, and I told my mom I was proud of her.  She said, “I’m almost 80-years-old and I have a lot to say!  And, I’m going to say it!  Got it? ”  Yikes.  I am quaking in my fluffy slippers.  Really. 

3.  My foot hurts more now that I know what is wrong with it then it did before I had a diagnosis.  I’m telling you!  GETTING OLDer AND FEELING LIKE CRAP SUCKS! 

4.  Clover and Cosmo are going through some sort of power struggle, and Clover will tell you “GETTING OLD SUCKS” too.  The balance of power is shifting around here, but if Cosmo thinks he can be a bully towards Clover, he’s got another think coming!  Cosmo didn’t like that Clover got a little close to his dinner, and he pounced on her.  No growls, no barks, no bites, no fangs.  He chest-bumped her so hard, she went flying backwards and fell over.  I’m working on it. 

5.  Ancestry.Com has a promotion on now, and you can search around their site for access to old family records for free.  So, I was searching around for my grandfather’s name, and found some records that we hadn’t ever seen before.  I found my grandparents’ declaration to emigrate from Ireland to Canada in 1925; my grandfather’s application for American Citizenship in 1938; and, his naturalization papers from 1938.  I am totally sure that the papers that I was looking at were my grandfather’s as his was a rather unique name, and all of the dates and other names gelled.  But, on all of the papers, my grandfather lists his wife’s name as “Mary.”  Hmmm.  My grandmother’s name was Elizabeth.  Also known as Betty, or Minnie, but never Mary.   Hmmmm.

4 thoughts on “Some Updates; Or, “intelligence, news, tidings, word”

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot…I had foot issues last year and had to wear a slipper/shoe with an elevated heel to get some comfort.

    We have a constant power struggle here…my cat Shadow still hates the dog Sadie and our cat Flynn…the only one she likes is our cat Toby. He’s the only one who has the patience to put up with her crankiness. I feel so bad for Flynn because Shadow really is so horribly mean to him and he never deserves it.


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