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Mom Called; or, “Your dad is losing it, you know.”

I had a conversation with my mom last week that bothered me a little.  I know my dad is old.  I know that he has dementia or “a touch” of Alzheimer’s.  Whatever it is, it’s causing him to occasionally act odd, say weird things, and drive like a Jeff Gordon Wannabe.  He is changing, sometimes for the weird. 

Here’s the latest:

Mom:  Your dad is really losing it, you know. 

Me:  What did he do now?

Mom:  We were at the doctor’s office this afternoon, waiting to go in to see Dr. G., and out of the blue he says:

Dad:  What were those blue dots in your cereal this morning?  It has been bothering me all day.

Mom:  What are you talking about?  Blue dots? 

Dad:  [getting annoyed] This morning! You had a bowl of Cheerios and there were blue dots in the bowl with the cereal!  WHAT WERE THEY?

Mom:  [giving it some thought]  Do you mean the blueberries?

Dad:  [sighing in relief]  Yeah.  That’s it.  Blueberries.  Why did you put them in your cereal?

Mom:  I always put fruit in my cereal.  Sometimes it is a peach, or a banana, and this morning it was blueberries.

Dad:  Ok.  But you know, the blueberries would taste better if you put them in a pie. 

Mom:  Weird, huh.  Its hard to get used to this, you know. 

Me:  I know.  You better stay healthy!  Because if you get sick, and he’s going to be looking after you, you’re in big trouble. 

Mom:  Well, I’ve got to go, I’m off to the store to buy him a blueberry pie.

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