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Yard Sale Karma and the Painting Nabber

Originally blogged in March 2008.  Being reprinted for your reading pleasure.

Karma and The Painting Nabber

A while ago, I stopped at a great yard sale in Cherrydale (Arlington, VA). Its a great old community with mixed housing of single family homes, townhouses, apartments. There are always good sales in Cherrydale, but I like the organized community sales the best. 

At a particular sale, a huge painting about 8 ft x 10 ft with wonderfully bright colors caught my eye.  My first impression was that it was African, but after a minute or two, I realized it was Haitian. I really wanted it for my guest room and was talking with the seller about the price.  Now, I am an experienced yard saler, and as a result, I hardly ever pay the asking price for anything. When the seller quoted me $30, I countered with $20.  She was in the process of deciding whether to take the $20, when a woman came up behind me, grabbed the painting that was leaning against the house, threw $30 at the woman quick as could be and said, “I’ll take it.”  She moved so quickly, I couldn’t even react!  By the time I realized what had happned, she had the painting shoved into the back of her car.  The painting didn’t fit in her car very well, and she had to leave the hatchback door open.  Nasty bitch just smiled at me and said “You snooze, you lose.”

I was not heartbroken about losing out on the painting, mind you.  What I was annoyed with was the smarmy comment from the painting nabber.  (As a result of this encounter, I now always keep my hand on any item that I am discussing with the seller – my form of claiming ownership.)

While driving around the neighborhood looking for other sales, I spotted the painting nabber a couple of times as she zoomed through intersections and up and down streets looking for other sales — the hatchback door of the vehicle flapping up and down and hitting the painting.  At one point, she was next to me at a stoplight.  When she realized it was me, she waved at me like we were friends.  When the light changed, she hit the gas to zoom through the intersection and the painting came flying out of the back of the car where it was promptly run over by the car behind her.

Karma will catch up with you sooner or later.

8 thoughts on “Yard Sale Karma and the Painting Nabber

  1. That’s what she get’s! Last week, we were walking Opie and this lady charged out of her house as Opie was doing his business on the edge of her lawn. We had bags. She yelled at us and demanded that the dog stop pooping. Like that’ll happen. I told her that we planned to pick it up. We had bags. They were tied to the leash. She aimed most of her vitriole at my 8 year old son. She never even turned her head to me — the adult responding to her. I watched my son shrink before my eyes. I was furious. We vowed never to go near her house again. The next day, I was driving by and a man in jogging shorts and his humongous Great Dane were on her lawn, in exactly the same spot where Opie had pooped and where we had cleaned up. The man had no bags on him. As I drove off, I noted that he just kept on with his afternoon jog with his small horse sized dog. I could see the steaming pile from a block away. Yeah baby! Karma!


    • The only problem with that is the lady didn’t see the great dane! I hope she doesn’t yell at you again thinking your little guy could poop tht much.

      and, she has a hell of a nerve yelling at a child like that.

      yes, the karma police will find her!


  2. Seriously? Gotta love it. That reminds me of the time this guy cut me off at the gas station and laughed while doing it. Then he opened his car door smack into a concrete pole next to the pump. The karma police are doing a good job!

    BTW-You won the Strauss Farm Raised Veal Dogs over at my blog. Please shoot me an email with your full name and address, so I can forward it to Strauss and you can get your dogs!


  3. I love when this happens — the $30 part of the lesson was not as good as the fact that you were watching.


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