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Hey Lady! What the heck is that in your hair?

These photos were taken in 2002 when I lived in Ireland.  Clover was born there, and she is about 9 months old in these photos.  My mom came to visit, and the three of us took off for a week in Connemara where we rented a self-catering cottage.  Clover went with us everywhere, and we all had a great time! 

This was my mom’s first time meeting Clover, and as you can tell, Clover was fascinated with my mom and her hair curlers.  She pestered her non-stop when she had the curlers in, and when she took them out, Clover would steal them out of her bag and run around the house tossing them in the air.  Crazy dog.

And, my mom would kill me if she knew that I put photos of her with her hair up in curlers on the www, but then again, she doesn’t have a computer so she’ll probably never know unless my sister tells her. 

what is in your hair?



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17 thoughts on “Hey Lady! What the heck is that in your hair?

  1. That is hilarious!! I was thinking as I started to read this post that your mom might not be pleased~~~~so funny. You can tell that clover was fascinated with those curlers. Her face is so focused!


  2. Indiana goes nuts if I wear a hat. he thinks it is the strangest thing. I can dye my hair wear it straight or curly but put a hat on and her world falls apart bet she would do the same as Clover and try to get them out of my hair. Davinia would just sniff my hair and sneeze all over the rollers.

    Thanks for joining the blog hop. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana


  3. Poor Mom! She might take your camera away ;)

    Hopin for your sake Sissy stays quiet.

    Read the “storm phone convo”. Still smilin :)

    Followin your tail,


  4. Your mom looks a little uncertain the way Clover keeps looking at those curlers. And you’d better hide this post from your sister, if she’s anything like mine, she’s tellin ma!!


  5. Clover you are such a cute dog and so smart to try to figure out a way to get those curlers. They do look like great toys. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  6. This is hilarious. You better hope your sister doesn’t squeal on you. They wouldn’t find my body if I did this. LOL! Clover is completely fascinated! Great posting!


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