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A Yard Sale Caper; or “I See Crazy People!”

Be Ready for Anything!

 I went to a sale a couple of years ago with Clover in tow. Wonderful day with gorgeous weather.  The first yard sale of the day was in a very posh neighborhood that was littered with yard sale signs and arrows pointing me this way and that. I stopped at a very promising looking sale that was advertised to start at 8:00 a,m. I was there at 7:50 a.m. — a bit early but not THAT bad.  I got out of the car and asked the man that was setting up if I could look around or would he prefer for me to wait.  He said, “no problem, I’m not totally ready yet, but you can look around.”  So, I did. I found some wonderful vintage straw pocketbooks, and a Russian mink hat, and a box filled with blue glass bottles and bowls, along with a whole bunch of other fun things.  I was there for about 30 minutes looking around and was the only person at the sale.  All the time, I’m thinking “Woohoo! what fun stuff, and I’m by myself.”

At some point in my shopping, the man’s wife came out and sat at a table at the top of the driveway with a money box and a calculator and pad and pencil and a box of newspapers for packaging items.  I said hello, she smiled and said hello back.  I asked if it was ok to take the box that I was filling up and put it by the table. She looked at her husband and he shook his head yes. She said yes.

After a total of 45 minutes, a couple of boxes of really neat stuff, I asked if I could pay.  At that moment, the nice woman became a little bit crazy!  She said she wasn’t ready yet, and looked at the husband who reassured her that it was ok. She kept saying, “No, I’m not ready yet. Go away. Come back later. No, not ready. Don’t want to sell any of this stuff.” And it went on, louder and louder.  All the time, I’m thinking I stepped into a Yard Sale run by Alan Funk or the Twilight Zone people.

I started to get annoyed, but decided I was dealing with someone that was non compos mentis.  I asked the husband to step in and sort this all out, and it was at that point, the rather large woman got up and grabbed a broom and started waving it around … I backed up a few feet … and the woman chased me down the driveway with the broomstick swinging about.  The husband caught her, directed her back to the table and chair, all the time trying to calm his wife down.

At this point Clover is barking her head off and about to jump out the window of the car to come to my assistance. I was pretty shocked by the lady’s behavior and sat in the car or a minute thinking about what had just transpired.  As I drove away, the man, who obviously had his hands full, said “Don’t worry, she’ll be back. You’re doing fine.”

Not. And, Not.

(Originally posted way back in 2008 as part of “Yard Sale Capers.”  I thought I would share some of my older posts from time-to-time.  Enjoy!)

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