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Blast of Cold From the Past

My grass is brown and crackles when you walk on it.  The air is heavy and humid and it hurts when you take a deep breath, and I haven’t been out of the house in days.  We are all bored to death, and reminiscing over the cool weather of Fall and Winter.

Here is a photo from last Winter that might help us all feel just a few degrees cooler.  Ahhhh.

Camera Critters


7 thoughts on “Blast of Cold From the Past

  1. I think the heat related cabinet fever is much worse than in the winter because at least in the winter it is dark outside a lot and you feel like hibernating.



  2. Oh too cold for me….and too much snow!! We had a huge ice storm last winter and that was as much as I needed for awhile. LOL Love the photo of the dogs in the snow though. Looks like they have fun!!


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