Some Updating; or, “The rats are gone, and the rabbits have moved in”

Update # 1 – The rats seem to have moved on or all croaked.  Both neighbors on either side of me have put out poison, along with my bait stations installed by the hunky exterminator guy seem to be making a dent in the Rattus Norvegicus population.  Its either the poison, or the heat.   Either way, I really don’t care. 

Update #2 – So, what do I find in my little backyard on Sunday?  A giant big fat brown rabbit.  If you ever wanted to see Cosmo go completely ballistic, try getting between him and a rabbit that seems to be thumbing his nose at him from the safety of being on the other side of a glass door.  “Nanny nanny boo boo .. you can’t catch me.”  

Update #3 – Am I the only person in the world that prays for rain on July 4th?  Well, it didn’t work this year, therefore Clover was medicated and she slept through the fireworks sitting next to me on the couch and drooling on my knee.   Cosmo could have cared less. 

Update #4 – In the “How Weird” category: The drunken neighbors around the corner and across the street set off some pretty obnoxious fireworks.  They started at 9:00 pm and promptly ended at 10:30 pm.  And, that was the end of that!  Not a stray firecracker or bottle rocket was heard after 10:30.  My guess is they a) ran out of fireworks; b) someone called the cops on them and they were arrested and hauled off to jail screaming and kicking; c) they passed out from either the booze or the heat or both.  Either way, I don’t care. 

Update #5 – My neurologist called me on Friday to tell me that the x-ray of my foot was inconclusive — no break, no fracture, no torn tendons.  Ok.  MY FREAKIN FOOT STILL HURTS!  He suggested I stop taking one my medications that could be causing the problems.  The one difficulty with that is this medication helps with a lot of my other “pain” issues.  So.  Here’s where we stand, my foot hurts like a bitch, but its not as swollen, and all of the other weird pains and twitches are back in force.  God! I love the unpredictability of “My Multiple Sclerosis.”


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