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Stuff Dogs Like – Watermelon!

First, let me say it is safe for the dog(s) to eat watermelon, just don’t overdo it, ok?

My neighbor gave me a watermelon, some tomatoes, and also some blackberries on Sunday.  The tomatoes are gone, as are the blackberries, but I only just sliced up half of the watermelon this morning.

Cosmo has become a real pest to me when I’m in the kitchen lately.  Clover politely sits in the doorway to the dining room, while Coz is underfoot, and annoying me.  I keep moving him to “a spot” in the dining room where he can see what’s going on, and stay out of my way.  It works for a few minutes, and et voilà! there he is underfoot again.

As I was cutting the watermelon up, I could feel his cold little nose poking my leg, as in (à la Jerry Lewis) “Hey, Laaaady! What about me?”  I gave him a piece of the watermelon to see if he would eat it, thinking he would spit it out and leave it for Clover to Hoover up.  But, surprise!  He ate it right up.  Clover came to inspect, and I gave her a tidbit also.  By the time I had cut up half of the watermelon, all three of us had a good share of the melon.

It always surprises me when Cosmo eats something new without rolling it around on the floor, sniffing it for 10 minutes, or waiting to see if Clover eats it first.  Its like she’s his royal taste tester or something.

Check back tomorrow, as the next post in this series may be, “What Dog’s Like – The Stanley Steemer Guy!”

Sorry for the quality of the photos, but it was the best I could do with watermelon in one hand, camera in the other, all the while trying to keep them both from trying to snag the watermelon in the bowl in my lap.

Hand it over already, Give it Up! That Watermelon is Mine!

Please Miss, May I have Another?

Camera Critters

19 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Watermelon!

  1. I can totally relate to your entire post. My dog is always right there when I am in the kitchen. He usually turns his nose up to veggies or fruit. I have never tried watermelon though. I hope you didn’t need the stanley steamer guy after all. I love the quote at the end.


  2. That’s a new one on me, will try Harry the lab to see what his reaction is. Nice shots considering the circumstances;-)


  3. Well done for managing any photos at all – and they’re really good!
    Our dogs (Dalmatians and Labradors) like watermelon too – and bananas, pears, apples, all sorts of berries – anything really – but keep the grapes well away!


  4. The Stanley Steamer Guy…what a hoot….you just might need to have him on speed dial! Love them doggies…they know life is sweet and now they know so is Watermelon. Great post – take care Erika


    • I do – have him on my one phone’s callback … they called me last week to see if I was ready for cleaning and I said no.

      so far, the watermelon has been enjoyed and SS can wait!


  5. These are great photos and they certainly made me smile. I have a soft spot for black labs. We used to have a black lab/dalmation mix, a beautiful pup who was just like yours. Couldn’t stay out of the kitchen and actually used to steal food off the counter if you weren’t looking. What I would give to see her do that now.

    If you have time to stop by, my Camera Critter post is right here.


  6. Woof! Woof! You got to check out my recipe for Watermelon Frosty Paws … its on my blog under Recipe Menu. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, SUgar


  7. Bogart, our black lab rescue dog ate bananas when we first got him but not now. Now does he love veggies – as long as they are cooked. He enjoyed asparagus and carrots last night with his dinner. But will try watermelon to see what happens!


  8. My two like carrots, but they would probably sell us if someone offered them lettuce. They don’t eat much, a little is safe but too much lettuce can cause “digestive trouble” so they only get a little occasionally. But they know when I’m getting the lettuce out of the fridge, even before I’ve opened the door!


    • That is too funny! You know, Clover will eat anything, but Cosmo surprises me from time-to-time like with the watermelon, but lettuce or spinach and he would be spitting it at me.


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