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Yard Sale Stuff; or, “Got Junk?”

I thought I would share some photos of my recent yard sale finds.  I’m getting around to listing things on eBay after almost a 2-year hiatus, and these items are currently either listed or will be soon.  I don’t make the rounds of Saturday sales like I used to due to the fact that I usually feel like crap, sleep too late, or terrorize myself by watching Hoarders on TV.  Most of this stuff has been “collected” over the last few weeks, and a few items are leftovers from last year!

Anyway, here’s some stuff that I am either going to make a whole lot of money off of on eBay or dumping at the thrift store next week.

The one and only item I might keep is puppet.  Cosmo has taken a liking to this thing, and tried to take it outside to play with when I turned my back.


7 thoughts on “Yard Sale Stuff; or, “Got Junk?”

  1. OMGosh – this post makes me start looking around my place and and brings me to the realization that I am on a slippery slope…I too must get rid of “my stuff” th stuff I collected over the past 25yrs ugggghhh! Some collection I have my stuff (a.k.a. junk) probably wouldn’t even sell on Ebay! Good Luck making your millions….Take Care, Erika


      • Hey Idea…..maybe we can swap junk lol…it would at least give us something new to look at. Sorry bad idea – giving it all away to other people is really the best solution! Take Care, Erika


  2. What a lot of interesting things! I love the raven. I bring home tons of stuff at sales with the intent of reselling but I haven’t been very good about listing it on Etsy in awhile. Things do pile up in an astonishing manner!


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