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A Really Short Conversation With My Mom; or “The Pizza Sucked”

So, I called my dad this morning to wish him a happy Father’s Day, sang him a stanza from “Hello Mudder, Hello Fudder.”  He laughed really hard, and then sang along for a minute! 

Me:  Hey dad!  What are you guys going today?

Dad:  Nothing. Its going to rain.

Me:  Maybe you could take mom out to lunch?

Dad:  Here’s your mother.

Mom:  Have you done your laundry yet?

Me:  No, not yet.

Mom:  I ordered pizza from Giuseppe’s last night and it was crap.  AND it cost $15.00 to have it delivered.  Can you freaking believe that?

Me:  What a waste.

Mom:  We ended up throwing away the pizza – it was that bad. 

But, get this, your father piped up with

Dad:  “I’ve been dreaming of the pizza from Mamma’s that we had last week.”

Mom:  So, I said “Let’s go there for lunch tomorrow,”

And your dad came back with:  “Nah.  Why don’t you go and bring me back some?”


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