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A Short Conversaton With My Mom; or, “It’s all about Cosmo”

I had a conversation with my mom this morning which was cut short by the A/C guy coming to do a service on my HVAC.  Not that I feel threatened or anything, but seriously?

Me:  Hey mom, what’s up with you guys this morning?

Mom:  Nothing much, as usual.  But, your dad asked me this morning to find out when you’re coming to visit again.

Me:  I’m going to try and come for two weeks over the holidays, why?

Mom:  Hang on.  Let me tell your dad.  (Insert mom telling my dad the news that I am trying to come home for the holidays.)

Mom:  Well.  Your father asked me to ask you if you would send Cosmo for a visit between now and Christmas. 

Me:  Really, mom?  Cosmo?  What about me, or Clover?

Mom:  No, he just wants you to send Cosmo.

Me:  Seriously? 

Mom:  Yes!  Seriously!


6 thoughts on “A Short Conversaton With My Mom; or, “It’s all about Cosmo”

  1. Hi there…just stopping by again to say hey…I was the one that stumbled upon your site from Pioneer Womans site…your short stories are hilarious. Also, had some time and read about your own plight…sure hope you are doing well these days. Hang in there and thank you for sharing a piece of your world with the rest of us.


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