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Updates; or, “Mr. Raton Better Pack His Bags Now …”

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update # 1 – I went to the neurologist last week, and have been deemed “a very complicated patient” by my doctor.  He told me I need to slow down, take it easy, and relax more.  I have had a couple of really bad run-ins with the summer heat and humidity already, and it really wiped me out last weekend and yesterday.  I think I better start paying attention to the doctor.  He did, after all, spend a whole lot of years in school learning how to be a neurologist, and I didn’t.

Update # 2 – I told my mom about what the doctor said, and my mom’s quip was “I could have told him that.  I knew you were complicated since the very first moment you started to speak.”   My mom is kind of annoyed with me posting our conversations on the blog, but not annoyed enough to go to the library and read my blog.  This is good.

Feel free to click on the image for a larger view.Update #3 – There is a rat (or 2 or 3 or 700) living in my backyard.  It likes to hang out by my backdoor eating seed pods from the oak tree that blow in.  The HOA sent someone out to see if it was a “common” problem and then they would take care of it.  I received notice yesterday that perhaps the problem is all mine.  Yeah.  Sure.  Idiots.  Just mark my word Senor Raton your freaking days are numbered.  You might want to pack your freaking bags and move by Monday at 9:00 a.m. because that is when Mr. Exterminator arrives.  And, just in case you thought I didn’t know the difference between say a field mouse, squirrel or BIG FREAKING RAT, I provide the evidence to Mr. HOA-Know-It-All.

Update #4 – I went to my favorite two church rummage sales yesterday and I was so disappointed!  The donations were down as well as the quality of the donated items.  At one sale, I bought Zip. Nada. Bupkis. Nothing.  At the second sale, I spent a total of $3.25.  (Trader Vic cookbook, 5 packs of vintage Bridge score pads, one of those chicken roasters that you shove up the chicken’s butt and it stands up in the oven while it roasts, some old wood pants hangars, and some rings that you use if you are so inclined to make your own English muffins.)

Update #5 –  Netflix!  Love it!  I have one of their Roku boxes that allow the direct streaming of shows and movies directly to my TV.   Thank you Netflix/Roku because now I am totally addicted to Miami Ink and have just finished watching Season 1 and 2, and am about to embark on Season 3.  Will Kat go back to LA? Will Brigid go back to Yogi? Will Ami ever deal with his anger issues?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Update #6 – The exterminators were here, and just in time, too!  The technician will be back later this week to put out “bait stations.”  Why “just in time” you ask?  I didn’t see the little SOB sitting on the patio, but Cosmo did, and when I let him out to pee, he pounced on the LB (little bastard).  And, Cosmo almost caught it!!  Per Mr. Handsome and Nice Exterminator, “Your rat(s) time on this earth is limited.”


8 thoughts on “Updates; or, “Mr. Raton Better Pack His Bags Now …”

  1. We understand about weather, humidity, low air pressure affecting neurological issues. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. As for your Rat…. ewwwwwww! Spoken like 2 Princess Cavaliers

    <3 Miss Kodee


    • Cosmo is seriously obsessed and sleeping by the back door so he can keep an eye on Mr. Rat.

      I can’t wait for the exterminator to come out on Monday.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. #1: and money, let’s not forgot that he spent lots of money. *mumbling* doctors and their knowing it allness…

    #2: hee hee, mom!

    #3: I hope it’s three and not 700… though after the exterminator leaves, I hope it’s 0. What happens to the remains?

    #4: Nice finds! When you said english-muffin-rings, did you mean the things you cook the egg in to make english-muffin-egg-sammies? I adore my egg rounders. Also good for mini-pancakes.
    Our weather was poopy and was reflected in the quality/quantity of the sales.

    #5: I hear good things about Netflix. Perhaps when Mini makes an appearance, it’ll be time to look into one. And <3 Miami Ink. Shame that Kat could be soooo much prettier if she wasn't all inked up at like, 23 years old.
    I fear for what my ONE will look like after this, let alone when I'm 80.


  3. Update #6 – the exterminator left after I signed up for a yearly contract of pest control inside and out. They are very environmental/pet friendly so I don’t need to worry about the dogs.

    I want to add that I just let Cosmo out to pee, and he almost caught one that was sunning itself on the patio. I didn’t see it when I opened the door, but Coz almost had it!! OMG!!


  4. Cosmo will eventually get a rat. I just hope for your sake that he kills it before he brings it back inside with him! We have to deal with them occasionally, and that’s when the beagle “earns her keep” as my dad used to say. But your HOA is wrong, they are not just in one spot. Or if they are, they won’t be for long.


  5. I have them too, in the bushes, eating the fruit on my trees, I had to stop feeding the birds because they thought they were rat feeders not bird feeders. But as long as they keep their distance and stay outta the house we can co-habitate.


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