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Seriously, Could This Morning Get Any Stranger?

I woke up this morning (after 3 hours of sleep) at 5:30 a.m. when the phone rang.  Once.  I reached for the phone, and it stopped ringing, and that was that.  That dreadful feeling of having to answer the phone and ask “Who Died?” had me wide awake so I got up, went to the bathroom, and immediately climbed back into bed.  The dogs never moved from their spots on the floor.

I no sooner fell back asleep, when someone was ringing my doorbell.  Not just a “ding dong” ring, it was a frantic “ding ding ding ding dong” ringing.  Clover and Cosmo went flying to look out the window in the other room, barking their heads off, and I followed.  I opened the shade, to be faced with a County Police Officer motioning me to come downstairs and answer the front door.  I opened the window, and he said “Come on downstairs.”  I asked him what was going on, and over the din of Clover’s frantic alerting, he said that there was a 911-hang up call made from my phone number, and he was checking to make sure everything was ok.  I spoke to him from the window, told him everything was ok, he asked me if I was sure, I said sure.  All the while, Clover is barking like crazy.  I did mention that my phone had rung once about 15 minutes previously, and he said that that was the 911 operator calling back to ask about the hangup.  Seems to me that if they had let it ring more than once, I could have answered the phone and explained that there was nothing going on and that I hadn’t called 911 and save the police officer a trip.

Now, we’re all awake, we head downstairs, I let the dogs out, tossed them a biscuit, and the three of us curled up on the couch to watch the news and maybe catch a few more z’s.  I no sooner fell asleep on the couch that I woke to hear “bammm bammm bammm bammmm” and then some “bammm bamm bam bam bam.”  Of all days for that stupid bird to come visit!  It was that damned woodpecker! He was back and trying to make love to the shiny cap on my chimney.  Again.  And again. And over again.

Good dogs, Nice Police Officer, Stupid Bird, Weird Malfunctioning Telephone, Tired Me.

6 thoughts on “Seriously, Could This Morning Get Any Stranger?

  1. Police officers at the door is a scary proposition. Usually bringing bad news. I consider you lucky that it was not. Now just get Clover and Cosmo to stop with those crank 911 calls! There are easier ways to get you up and get a biscuit! I know, we use them on our humans all the time.


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