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I was wondering some more …

I was wondering, some more

Have you ever noticed the car or truck with that sticker “How’s My Driving” or “I’m a Safe Driver,” with a toll-free number for you to call and compliment or complain about the driver’s skills?  I was wondering if anyone ever calls those numbers.  I have been thinking about getting a pad so I can jot down the phone number, the control number or vehicle’s license plate number, and give them a call.  It is just that the vehicles I want to complain about all cut me off and zoom past me so fast that their numbers are a blur.

I was wondering also

Now that gas prices have fallen a bit, I wonder if anyone is still “hypermiling?”  For the record, I am not.

I was also thinking (and keeping to the vehicle-theme)

How do you remove Labrador hair that is embedded in the upholstery of your Ford Escape without going insane?

5 thoughts on “I was wondering some more …

  1. For the last one:
    I go to the car wash that has the massive-suction vacuums. Or you could go for a detailing.

    I picked up Bailey one of those seat protector things from an auto supply store. We put it on the back seat when we’re taking her and it catches 80% of her hair.


  2. Darn — I got behind on my TBD reading and saw this. I was hoping for a solution! I’ve found NOTHING that works, so recommend the new vehicle.


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