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2010 Yardsale Season Starts!

I didn’t do too much “yard-saleing” last year, as it was after all “The Year of Crap.”  I just couldn’t muster the energy or interest, and temporarily abandoned my quest for treasures.  I’m truly hoping to get out and do some major shopping this weekend and see if I can get back into the swing of things.   I have a list of specific items that I’m looking for for  myself (cookbooks, books, shoe racks, a church pew/ country bench for my living room), and some clothing for a friend’s niece (2T to 4T), and some books/puzzles for another friend’s 13 year-old son. I am always on the lookout for designer duds in Size 6 for another friend, too.

When I was in Florida recently, I went to a few sales with my mom, and bought a couple of useful goodies. I bought (another) tripod for my camera (I have four now), a fabulous McCoy Strawberry Cookie Jar from the 1950’s (consignment shop),  a couple of cookbooks (big surprise there, huh?) and a whole collection of Coca-Cola/Disney pins.  We stopped at the local Recycle Center and I picked up the neatest sample book of 1960’s wrapping paper.  I also found another envelope with roses that look like they came from Evelyn.  One of the neatest things I saw was a 1940 BSA Motorcycle that was in good condition.  The seller said it needed a carburetor, and he only wanted $15,000.  Oh well, next time.

So, if the weather is cool, I plan to take the mutts along on Saturday.  Photos and a full report to follow.


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