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Another True Freaking Story, or “Hey, Lady, is that your dog in the living room?”

A little bit of background: My sister is trying to sell her house outside of Tampa, Florida.  She’s had a lot of “lookie lou’s” but no bites yet.  Last week, she got a call from a real estate agent who wanted to bring a couple over to see the house within the hour.  My sister, said ok, and ran around the house doing a little cleaning up, threw her little Shi Tzu dog on the porch, sprayed some Febreeze, and waited for the potential buyers.

This is the conversation that I had with my sister about the potential buyers’ visit to her house:

Sister:  “Oh my God!  You cannot freaking believe what just happened!  The real estate agent called to say she was bringing by some people to look at the house, so I threw Kaylie out on the porch, and cleaned up a bit.”

Me:  “Did they make an offer?”

Sister:  “NO.  But you can’t freaking believe what happened!  I told the people to come on in, and to make sure they shut the front door because I didn’t want Patches (the cat) to get out.”

Me:  “All right … ”

Sister:  “The next thing I know one of the women says, “Oh, is that your dog in the living room?”  “And, I was like, Huh?  Kaylie is on the porch.”  So, I go into the living room, and there is this freaking big white pit bull just sitting there!  In my living room!  It was huge.  I bet it weighed at least 100 pounds.”

Me:  “Huh?”

Sister:  “Yeah, right!  I just stood there and looked around the room for Kaylie and she was out on the porch, and one of the people said, “Oh, isn’t that a pretty dog, does it bite?”

Me:  “Uhh oh.”

Sister:  “You’re not kidding.  I had no idea whose dog it was!, and I looked around and in walks Patches who was hiding somewhere, and the dog perks up and all I can think of is that the dog is going to go after my cat, and Patches is really old, she’s like 13 years old and she’s going to die in my living room and there will be blood everywhere!”

Me:  “Crap!”

Sister:  “You’re not kidding!  Holy crap!  I grabbed my shotgun so I could protect Patches, I mean seriously, I don’t know this dog and I don’t know how it got in the house, and if it made a threatening move, I was going to shoot it dead right there in my living room!”

Me:  “Holy Shit!  You have a shotgun?”

Sister:  “You’re damned right I do! I live in the middle of freaking nowhere!  I have a shotgun and I know how to shoot it!”

Me:  “Where’s the real estate agent and the four other people when all of this is happening?”

Sister:  “Well, when they saw me grab the shotgun, they sort of started inching for the front door.”

Me:  “So what happened next?”

Sister:  “I started yelling at them to tell them to get out of the house because the dog wasn’t mine and I couldn’t vouch that it was not vicious, so they start making for their car.  They were all screaming and yelling at each other about the shotgun, and the dog, and said something that sounded like “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Me:  [Laughing] “What happened to the dog?”

Sister:  “When they went out the front door, the dog followed them!  They all piled into the agent’s car, and the dog got in with them!  It kind of looked like a Chinese fire drill, they were all screaming and yelling, and when the dog jumped out of the car, one of the women was screaming, “Get in the car, quick!  Close the doors .. Close the doors.” So they all get in the car, and as they pull out of the driveway, the dog is still jumping at the doors of the car.”

Me:  [Laughing harder now] “Holy Crap!  That must have been a sight to see!”

Sister:  “You’re not kidding!  The real estate agent hauled ass down the street, and the dog was chasing it.  Can you freaking believe that?”

Me:  “You don’t really have a shotgun, do you?”

Sister:  “Darned right, I do.”

Sister:  “I would have shot that dog if it had made a move on Patches, that’s for sure.”

Sister:  “I wonder if I should call the real estate agent and see if they want to reschedule another visit to look at the house?”


7 thoughts on “Another True Freaking Story, or “Hey, Lady, is that your dog in the living room?”

  1. LOL, Do I really use the word freaking that much? LOL Im going to have to freaking stop that.!!! BTW Never did hear from that realtor again. LOL. After everything settled down, I would rather have shot the owners for being so careless with their dog. Ohhh btw after they left, about a half hour, I was sitting in den, with the blinds up, I looked up just to see a pair of pit bull blue eyes just staring at me. I went out (carefully and threw biscuits for him down the road). By the time you call animal control out here, the animals are gone. I hope he found his way home and dosnt want to visit me anymore, LOL


  2. This is hysterical! I can’t even imagine how hard you must have been laughing as this was relayed to you. I guess that pit likes his neighbors, huh?


  3. We laughed so hard!! So worried for the cat but loved that the pit bull got into the car. I also use the word “freaking” a lot. So who’s pit bull was it?


  4. The pit was trying to tell her they were the wrong people to buy … and “freaking” is probably better than the other “f” word.

    News! Tulip just passed her behavior evaluation to become a HABIT (Univ. of TN) therapy dog!


  5. I don’t know who the pit belongs to. I wish I could find out. I have seen her before. About a year ago, she was in my yard with her poor teets hanging so low, and she looked so tired. I feel they are breeding this beautiful dog, and just using her as a money machine. She really did freak me out when I saw her in the house, after all you never know how an animal (especially a strange one) is going to react. I dont have many neighbors, and every time i go out, I am taking different roads to see if I see her in someone’s yard. God help them if I find them, I will be calling the ASPCA on them!!!!!!!


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