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Clover Likes To Carry Stuff

Clover likes to carry things.  She has a preference for stuffed animals, but will grab anything nearby so as not to answer the front door empty-mouthed.  She will run around the house like a nut-job looking for something to bring to the front door.  Its really pretty funny when she barks with a mouth-full of stuffed animal.

A couple of years ago (BC – before Cosmo), Clover and I drove South to meet my parents in North Georgia at a cabin we had rented.  They also brought along Clover’s BFF – The Hairy Beast.  It was Misty’s first road-trip, and my dad said she stood the whole way from Florida to North Georgia – all 620 miles!

We stayed at a lovely two-story cabin with a great front porch with rocking chairs, and a fairly large fenced backyard.  We had satellite tv, cold beer, and all was well with the world.  Especially since it was October and the local apple orchard was knee deep in fried pies.  Oh my.

Carrying things? Where does this fit in you ask?  Well, a long time ago when Clover was a puppy, I would have her help me unload the groceries by carrying small packages into the house.  I had to get choosy on what to give her, after she absconded to the back yard with a pound of butter, a package of cookies, and a loaf of bread without my noticing.  She’s always been very accommodating on laundry day, and will carry a folded towel up the stairs without incident.  The only problem with this is you never know where she’s going to put it!

So, back to the North Georgia cabin.  I was upstairs getting ready for bed, and realized my water bottle was empty.  I handed it to Clover, who grabbed on, and headed straight down the stairs.  I took a peek over the balcony to see what she did with the bottle, and was very surprised to see her walk straight to my mom and drop it at her feet.  My mom, without thinking, picked up the bottle, went to the kitchen, threw it in the trash, went to the fridge and got a  bottle of cold water and handed it over to Clover.  Clover grabbed it, ran straight up the stairs and dropped the bottle at my feet.  It couldn’t have happened any better if we had planned it.

Clover would never make a suitable service dog now, but she’s pretty handy to have around the house when she’s not barking at everything that moves.

5 thoughts on “Clover Likes To Carry Stuff

  1. Maybe I should have my coyote dog Frasier come see Clover for a lesson. Frasier’s thing is to carry all the dog toys outside and leave them. He won’t play with them and he doesn’t mind Maggie Moo playing with them, but he doesn’t want anything left in the house. He has even carried out dvd’s, books, large refrigerator magnets – anything he can reach and get in his mouth. No idea why.


  2. hahaha my german shepherd gets so excited when someone comes to our door that he absolutely cannot contain himself. he runs around the house in a complete flurry, stopping for a moment to chase his tail, and grabs the nearest shoe he can find. he presents our visitors with one of our shoes, nice and slobbery!


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