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Hey Harriet! Check Out Today’s Enthusiastic (not) Shadow Mutts!

As you all know, my dogs are my favorite photo subjects.  Its pretty obvious, right?  A couple of weeks ago, I snapped these photos specifically because of the shadows.  Not great photography, but nonetheless, it captures the mood.  As in, “go away and leave me alone, will ‘ya?”

I also wanted to add that the woodpecker is back, and it is driving us all insane.  Does anyone know how long woodpeckers live?

"If we ignore her, will she put that darned camera down?"

"Oh, yes. I see you."

"If I close my eyes, is she still there with the camera?"


9 thoughts on “Hey Harriet! Check Out Today’s Enthusiastic (not) Shadow Mutts!

  1. What great shadow shots for the day! Love the dogs and the expression on the face of the one in the last shot!! Priceless! Hope you all have a great day and a great week ahead!



  2. My Yorkie does the same thing, ignores me & my camera, hoping we’ll just go away!
    They are both very cute.
    Please stop by & visit me, I’m celebrating two years of blogging with a giveaway.
    : )


  3. Tulip to Clover and Cosmo: don’t feel bad; my mom put a cat in bed with me and THEN expected me to look happy when she took the pictures! I have to tolerate ’em, but I don’t have to like them!


  4. Ha ha! This is hysterical! My dog’s photos look strikingly similar – either too close up shot of the eyeball or snout as he zooms over to see what I’m doing, or a blurred shot as he turns his head away. Ugh. Not the best subject!

    Your dogs are adorable though. What they lack in photogeneity, they make up for in cuteness!


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