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1910 Vintage Valentine ~ Just For You

May You Always Be What You Are Today …. My Valentine

February 8, 1910: Dear Cousin, Will send you a valentine card .. hope you are all well.  I am not feeling very good this week hope I will get better .. would like to see your folks … did you have your pictures taken yet, From Mary.

This is one of many postcards that I bought on eBay that were sent to Mrs. Bertha Dicus of Alanson, Michigan.  I love these old cards, the graphics, etc., but mainly I really enjoy reading many of the messages.  Some carried simple messages, funny thoughts, and humorous or sad emotions.

Aside from enjoying these old cards for different reasons, I have to wonder how did Bertha’s postcards end up on eBay?  Didn’t anyone want to keep them?  That makes me sad, too.

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20 thoughts on “1910 Vintage Valentine ~ Just For You

  1. Lovely card. It is sad that someone would part with these cards. We miss something, I think, with our instant society. I love Mail Call that I find in my post box! The surprise, the delight in *hearing* from someone … that they were thinking of me at that moment and sending me their thoughts. Ah, well. Happy PFF!


  2. You’re right; why wouldn’t family members want to keep this? I don’t get it either, especially when I buy old portraits and family pictures. I always feel this urge to re-unite them with the family. I’m convinced that it’s often one person’s decision and future descendants will feel differently. Thanks for sharing the beautiful card.


  3. I like finding interesting messages on postcards. I focus on the image and condition of the pictures side, so if there is a good message I consider it a bonus.


  4. I can understand getting rid of things – I don’t like clutter and am amazed at that show “clutter busters” or whatever it’s called. But one man’s clutter is another’s treasure!


  5. I come across this all the time, family members who don’t want their family pictures. Can’t believe that, however, they are someone’s treasures. Great card, love the back address, so minimal. Happy PFF and Happy Valentine’s Day.


  6. This is a chatty postcard. I love reading these scrawled messages (when I can decipher them). And a beautiful image and sentiment on front. Thanks for posting this one.


  7. Love these cards! I like to find the ones with the messages on the back. I have one that I got from my grandmother that I had sent her when we were on a trip when I was a kid. I love reading the message I wrote her, although I have no recollection of doing it!


  8. A beautiful card to keep our minds off the weather, or at least direct it towards spring!

    I have a large number of cards that were sent to Elsie Back and, after she married, to Elsie Newton and on until she was a grandmother. Her whole life in cards! How could anyone get rid of that?


  9. What a beautiful “hand” card. I love the details – the ring and the fancy sleeve. And the postage stamp is affixed upside down. That means love if I remember correctly! Happy PFF!


  10. Beautiful card… I wonder how soooooo many of the postcards end up in collections. I think many people do not keep “stuff” any more that doesn’t have to do with their life today. It is sad.


  11. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us, your visitors…..

    Love the poochy face posted below too!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!!!

    I just KNOW your day will be filled with love and laughter.

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I got really busy and didn’t get a chance to visit with you!!

    {{{Valentine’s Hugs}}}


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