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Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowdogs!

I haven’t been out to start the shoveling today, mainly because I can’t get the front door open.  Well, I could if I tried hard enough, but I really don’t want to even try at the moment.

The amount of snow in the backyard at the moment is 26 inches, and we are expecting another 6 to 10 inches!  The news stations have been covering the weather non-stop since yesterday, and I am thankful I don’t have to even think about going to work for another couple of days.

Cosmo really seems to like the snow, and he snatched two of my pot holders as he ran out the door to jump around and try and get Clover to play.  Clover, on the other hand, is one very smart dog.  She waited while Cosmo plowed through the snow and trampled it down a bit before she ventured out to try and “do her business.”

I wish they knew how to use a snow shovel.

So what if it is snowing, I KNOW the squirrels are out there somewhere!

I don't care if its snowing ... I KNOW the squirrels are out there somewhere!

Are you SURE they're out there? Maybe they're inside where it is warm?

Black Bunny Dog Wants to Play!

Striking a Pose for the Camera

I am NOT getting of the couch no matter what you say. Please put blanket on me now.

Camera Critters


19 thoughts on “Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowdogs!

  1. oh my gosh can you believe THIS? I’ve been shoveling since last night and it doesn’t even look like it!
    I love the action shots…..and grabbing the pot holders…too cute!
    I wish snow gave me that kind of energy…but it seems to have the opposite effect!


  2. I’m sure glad I live in the South!!! Here [don’t hate me] —it’s nearly 70 degrees today and finally……….sunny!!!!

    Love the furbabies’ photos.

    Here is my C C…do hope you can stop by sometime today.


  3. You must have got our share of snow too – for the first time in years we have hardly any.
    There’s nothing like a good squirrel hunt in the backyard, snow or not. We have tons of black squirrels all the time because of the bird feeders but can they scatter when I let the dog out!


  4. Too cute; they don’t seem to mind all the snow at all, do they? In fact, they rather seem to enjoy it! (Luv that last pic, tho; such a sweet face!) Thanks for sharin’ these..they made me smile.


  5. Great fun shots in the snow, i especially like the one where the Lab got his ears upright. Wow getting two Labs must be hectic, but never a dull day right?


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