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You Can Pee in Virginia Again!

Thank goodness.  If you have to pee in Virginia, you can again use the public restrooms along the main interstates again.  Way back in May 2009 when the Virginia budget was diminished, the powers in Richmond thought it would be a great idea to shut down the public rest stops along Virginia’s hi-ways and by-ways.  You really have to wonder now, how much it will cost to get the stops reopened, rehire personnel, and get things working again.  Did it really save THAT much money?  I doubt it.  At least now, everyone can stop pee’ing in the bushes.


4 thoughts on “You Can Pee in Virginia Again!

  1. Finally!
    We have to go that way to visit my daughter. The last two trips we were checking out exits and actually found a couple we like and may use instead of the rest stop. :)


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