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CC: Meet Mako – A Very Bold Dudley Pup!

Meet Mako!  He is the latest addition to the family – the extended family that is.  He is a male Labrador Retriever and he belongs to my nephew Andrew.  They live in Ft. Lauderdale, so we haven’t met Mako yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing him in April.

Mako is what is known as a Dudley.  Its all very confusing if you’re not into labrador genetics, but it has to do with his lack of pigment around his eyes and on his nose.  They’re pretty rare, and cannot be shown or registered with the AKC.  That doesn’t mean that Mako can’t be the best pet in town though!

From what I have heard, he is an extremely high energy dog with some destructive tendencies.  Hah!  I bet he’ll get along fine with Clover!


28 thoughts on “CC: Meet Mako – A Very Bold Dudley Pup!

  1. My Aussie is also a “Dudley”, can be registered AKC, but not shown as his nose never fully filled in with color. I have noticed that my boy’s eyes tend to get irritated much easier and that both his nose and eyes seem much more prone to sunburn than other dogs. I figure it’s from being a “Dudley” and we just take extra precautions with him.


  2. Lovely little guy you got there, as unusual as he looks them Labs are all the salt of the earth. Fanatastic personalities, loyal, and energetic. Must put a bit of video footage of my black Lab he’s a real cheeky so and so.


  3. Very adorable, love his coloring. I think you need to visit this new family member, especially since Ft Lauderdale is in the 70s right about now! :)

    Tink *~*~*


  4. It’s not about the papers! He is a cutie! I love that first shot.

    I also loved the comment you left on my deer post – ‘deer caught in the lens’ – wish I’d thought of that. :)


  5. What a bundle of pup! Love that photo of Mako riding in the car. Change that…I love ALL the photos of Mako! =D

    You have a very nice blog. Thanks for visiting my Wordless Watery Outdoor Wednesday post.


  6. AHHHHHH I have been babysitting him for almost a week, as his master is in Virginia learning how to drive a new boat for the Coast Guard. I have one bruised foot, (not his fault) I forgot to turn off the alarm to house, it went off, and lets just put it this way, the alarm scared him, and he came running at me about 35 mph, and he weighs about 70-75 lbs now, running over a left foot. Diane u do that math, I always su*&Ked at that,, lol. What is that velocity thing . If a train that weights 75 lbs and is going 35 mph what is the impact on my foot? LOL. But he a wonderful handsome beastie, and If Icould, i would kidnap him and never give him back. LOL HMMMMMMM maybe hold for ransom (its a thought) ty for all the nice things about my grandpuppy E


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