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Goodbye to the Crap of 2009

This has been a year of crap.  Total, gigantic, nasty, confusing, and from time-to-time, just plain ‘ole crap.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all crap, just mostly crap.

Traveling through 2009 was a tiring trip of worry, concern, but mostly confusion over my health.  2009 was the year of discovering I have Multiple Sclerosis.  It was the year of spending lots of time, energy, and money on doctors, tests, and medicines.  It was the year of “Feeling like Crap.”

At this time of the year, you hear so many people making resolutions for the new year.  Me?  I’m not much into resolutions because, in the past, I’ve had a hell of a time sticking to them.  Seriously, how many of us have made a resolution in January to eat healthy, lose weight, or save money and abandoned it by the end of January?

2010.  The year that lies ahead of us with so much promise.  Will it be filled with more crap?  Only time will tell.

So.  For me?  No big resolutions for 2010.  I just need to find a place to put all this crap.

Around the bogosphere this week, I’ve seen so many people writing about their past year, their discoveries, their successes, and even their failures.   Good for them.  My revelations this year have been many.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Crap of 2009

  1. twobark, don’t put it anywhere, my dear. Simply let it go!! Release it into the atmosphere and allow it to drift up higher and higher into space where it will never ever return to dominate your life. I have made a New Year’s resolution. It is simple. I am going to live my life and refuse to allow anyting or anyone upset me. I can’t control the actions of others but I can change mine. So, if it doesn’t affect eternity, then let it go. Let it roll right off your back. And also, submit. Submit to his will. You will live life so much easier. I pray to get better.


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