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Wordless ABC Wednesday: *Clover* the Ninja Whirlybird Labrador!

Ninja Dog Whirlybird Move! Wahhhhh!

I just realized, a week later, that its actually Clover doing the Ninja moves!  The collar is a dead give-away!

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14 thoughts on “Wordless ABC Wednesday: *Clover* the Ninja Whirlybird Labrador!

  1. There was the old aftershave commercial for Hai Karate – and at Christmastime, in the karate motif, the voiceover would go Yule-TIDE, Holly-WREATH; your description of ther dogs reminded me of that.


  2. We have a white Christmas. Maggie Beagle doesn’t like snow! It’s deeper than she is tall and she had to swim through it. She ran out, headfirst into a drift, then bounded over a few feet. Then right back inside and she will not go out for anything!


  3. What a fun photo! I love watching dogs playing.

    I’m sorry to be so late visiting, and I didn’t manage a post of my own. But I’d like to thank you on behalf of the ABC Team.


  4. Awesome picture! Don’t the dogs just have a childlike attitude about the snow? That snowfall was incredible by the way and lots it’s charm on me by the third day when we were trying to dig out! I can wait another 20 years before we have another!
    Hope you had a great Holiday and best wishes to you for 2010!


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