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Snow Dogs!

Its nice and warm inside, so I have no idea why Cosmo wants to be outside!  He has been whining at the back door all morning, and I’ve let them both out a couple of times.  Each visit to the Winter Wonderland in our backyard seems to invigorate him.  He has been doing a great imitation of a snow plow, digging his face into the snow and rooting around, and then he pops up all covered in snow!  Clover, on the other hand, has had enough of it. My kitchen floor is a mess from them tracking in the snow.

I really need to get out front and shovel the sidewalk and dig out my car, which by the way is almost completely buried in a snow drift.  I am, however, going to wait until tomorrow and hope that the “blizzard” winds blow some more of the snow away so I’ll have less to shovel.  We shall see …

Update @ 11:30 am Sunday 12/20:

Officially? We got 22″ of snow.  Unofficially, we got 24-26″ in my backyard.  I have shoveled about 6 feet of my sidewalk, about 20 more feet and a very large SUV to be dug out.

Update @ 2:17 pm Monday 12/21:

I am thrilled and have been put to shame!  First, no work today.  Second, my neighbors finished digging out my sidewalk, and I’ve been put to shame by an elderly Korean couple that spent hours digging out half of the neighborhood, me included.  They are way too energentic!

"You gonna come out and play with us?"

"Lemme in, Please? My toes and nose are cold."

"Pleeeeese, come play with me. Send Clover outside, ok?"

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17 thoughts on “Snow Dogs!

  1. at least labs are short haired – my annie brought home about 4 pounds of snowballs in her leg and belly hair last wee – i put her straight into the tub, or the entire house would have been wet by the time it all melted!!


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