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Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reprint/Reminder)

100_0037Originally posted 12/2/2008.

I spoke with my mom last night.  She said one of her neighbors young daughter was out walking an “adorable” black lab puppy yesterday afternoon.  My mom stopped to talk with the girl, and to ooh and ahhh over the puppy.  The young girl (12 or 13) was not enjoying the walk, as the young puppy was pulling this way and that and misbehaving something awful at the other end of the leash.  The little girl was near tears, and told my mom that her parents had bought her the puppy for her birthday.  And, in the girl’s words’ “I hate him.  Hate hate hate him.  He bites me all the time, and chews everything.  I didn’t want this puppy.  He’s horrible.”

I told my mom to tell the girl that if the family was thinking about getting rid of the puppy because she “hated him so much,” that she would take him.  My mom laughed.  She said she would take that pup in a New York minute, but that “Your father would kill me.”  Probably not, but she’s got a point there.  The last thing my 80-year-old parents need is a rambunctious puppy that will grow into a large rambunctious dog with the potential to knock them on their butts at every turn.  (Note to mom: Clover didn’t mean to knock you over.  Really.  You were just in between her and a squirrel.)

The conversation with my mom got me thinking about that little black lab pup, so I thought i would write my own Public Service Announcement about buying puppies as gifts, especially with Christmas approaching.  That’s how I got Cosmo – from some idiot who posted on Craig’s List.  Seems this woman bought the puppy, gave it to her kid for Christmas on December 24, and was trying to re-home him on January 1st.

Ok.  Here is my PSA about puppies as gifts, especially at Christmas.

  • READ MY BLOG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO TODAY.  That should scare some sense into you.  And, if you think Clover is an exception, think again!
  • If that doesn’t scare you, then please consider this:  Two dogs @ the vet last Friday for dental cleaning, including some shots for Clover = $958.26.
  • And, if you must get a puppy, please do not buy from a pet store!  They are, in most instances if not all, demon purveyors of puppy mill puppies.  Please see the Lisa Ling Report on Puppy Mills.
  • Oh, and back to the girl with the hated puppy: Just because YOU want a puppy, doesn’t mean everyone else in the house wants one!

16 thoughts on “Wanna Puppy, Little Girl? My Public Service Announcement (Reprint/Reminder)

  1. Very well said!!! YES!! Puppies are BAD gifts!! Make sure the person receiving the puppy is involved in the picking of the puppy if you HAVE to give a puppy as a gift.

    Great job!! Hope that puppy finds a good home!!!


  2. We used to have a lovely, miniature champagne-furred lop earred rabbit. We really loved him, but we learned all about how many bunnies are bought for easter baskets and then abandoned. Just let go in the wild. It is so sad. Any animal is a very serious commitment!


  3. Very timely post. People don’t realize that animals are not good gifts, they are a lot of responsibility and they can be expensive. Puppies do ruin things, they leak and they chew and they eat. But that’s all part of their growing process. It’s not fair to the recipient or to the animal, to give them as a gift. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly! Both of our dogs are rescue animals and they are part of the family. We thought we were going to lose Frasier today, the vet thought he had cancer but it’s not thankfully!


  4. Well said. People buy dogs like they’re objects that might need polishing now and again. It makes me mad when I hear people acting so irresponsibly. Hopefully the black lab in your post will find a home where they understand his needs and he’ll be part of the family. Every dog deserves that.


  5. ~sigh~

    How sad for both of them… I knew people that everytime they thought they were headed for divorce, they would buy their kids a pet. Last count:

    2 Chihuahua
    1 parrot
    4 cats
    2 horses
    1 iquana
    2 turtles
    1 irish setter.


  6. Pets definitely aren’t for everyone … in particular big pets. They’re clumsy, particularly when they’re young. They knock you down, clear a table with their tails, and chew up everything you own. They’re costly, require discipline, and a big commitment. Oh so cute at first, but poor animal when everyone realizes they don’t really want him. If your blog makes someone think twice before they get that cute little puppy they don’t really want, then you have done them, and especially the puppy, a great service!


  7. We rescued our dog – now long passed – from neighbors who were sending her off to the pound if they couldn’t find someone to take her. They had a bad reputation of getting rid of their dogs after they grew too big. My son who had played with her for about a year through their children, came home crying one day as her owner told him, “Do you want a dog, if you can’t take him then we’re going to have to send her to the pound and you know what they do to dogs there don’t you?” I have to say I saw red at the cruelty of that statement to an eight year old child as he came home sobbing his little heart out, but it worked and that’s how we adopted our beautiful little dog. She was wild when we got her and I was a little afraid of her to tell you the truth, but we we found out our neighbors were her third owners and she had been badly mistreated, very afraid of men including my hubby. It took a lot of hard work to turn her into a happy, healthy little dog, both in mind and body. She was always nervous of strangers but she gave us a lot of joy over the next 15 years. I have already posted the YouTube Video from the ASPCA and if it’s alright with you I will also link my post to this one. I think it is such an important message to get across.


  8. I list “because you want to give a dog as a pet” as one of the worse reasons to choose a family dog.

    Let’s think people – before we act!

    However, I do relate to the poster who spoke of buying dogs prior to a divorce. I confess I did that, the only purebred dog I have ever owned. It was like we were trying to glue together the pieces. A therapist said that it was odd, it was actually very usual for people to try to bring warmth into conflict by buying a house or a dog. Pets bring out all kinds of emotions, and sometimes they are not healthy.

    By the way, even though I visited the breeder and absolutely know it was not a puppy mill, the dog was impossible to housebreak. I am a rescue dog queen!


  9. Thank you for putting that out for all to see. If you don’t mind I may just repost it later this week on Daisy’s site.


  10. I’m so glad you posted this. Animals are not good gifts, unless the recipient is aware of the gift AND is able to take care of it. Or has parents that are willing to, if they are getting it for their child.


  11. Could not live my life happily without a pet. Too bad for animals that this sentiment is not shared. My husband and I often winter in México and volunteer to take care of street animals there. A dog’s life is not always happy!


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