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Hey, Harriet! Check Out Baby! The Shadow Cat Camera Critter


This is the one and only cat that I ever had as a pet. I got her from a pet store in West Palm Beach in 1978 where she was a tiny little kitty in a crate with her litter mates.  I didn’t go into the pet store specifically to get a new pet, I just went to “look.”  There was this crate with 5 or 6 kittens, and on top of the crate was a glass terrarium filled with little white mice.  All of the kittens were sound asleep except for one.   Picture this little kitten trying to figure out a way to get at the mice!  I felt so sad for her, and decided on the spot that I was taking her home.

Baby was a great cat.  She liked to play fetch, and she had a real thing for pickle relish, cantaloupe melon, and beef jerky.  She only ate 9 Lives Chicken and Cheese and God help anyone that decided that changing up her food was a good idea.  Eleven years of Chicken and Cheese made her very happy.

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9 thoughts on “Hey, Harriet! Check Out Baby! The Shadow Cat Camera Critter

  1. Baby looks like a lovely cat! I love your description of her. My cat Tiger has interesting tastes such as toast crumbs and banana cake. She also used to play fetch but has long since been too lazy! Happy shadow shot Sunday!


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