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Daily Vintage Square Morphs Into Weekly Vintage Square Shared

I have a collection of vintage photos and post cards, and for a while I was posting them on another blog called “Daily Vintage Square.”  It all got to be a bit too much keeping track of two blogs, then another third photography blog, and then another personal journal.  Yikes! Talk about overextending to the point that everything suffered neglect.

I really like vintage photos, and they make me wonder about the people, places, and things from long ago.  I love the old styles, hairdos, smart looking cars, and furry little critters.  So, starting today, I’m going to post a vintage photo here once a week on Tuesdays.  The photos and postcards might be something that you already saw on the other blog if you were checking it out back then, but bear with me.  This might be more fun!

Here’s the twist: instead of posting the photo for all to look at and move on, I think it would be fun to make conjecture and wonder out loud.  Everyone is invited to comment, make up a story, wonder out loud either by leaving a comment here, or cross-posting on your own blog.  Feel free to copy the photos to your own blog with a mention to Two Barking Dogs.

If I know anything definite about a photo like a name, date or place, I’ll share it with you.  For instance, this photo was from a collection that I bought on eBay and came from California.

lady wit the hat

Originally, I liked this photo because of the shadows that the pine trees project onto the little bungalow in the background.  Now, looking at this lady’s face, and her clothing, I wonder if she was on her way out for a night on the town?  One of my grandmothers used to have a fox stole like that one, and it creeped me out as a little kid.  Can you imagine wearing a stole like this in public today?  I love this lady’s smile – she seems so relaxed and happy.

My ideas?

Her name is Gladys.  She moved to California 10 years previously from Chicago or Milwaukee.  She drinks sloe gin fizzes, and she cheats when she plays gin with her next door neighbors.  She has two small yappy dogs, and she likes to sit on the front porch in the evenings.  She never married, and she likes to go to parties with her girlfriends.  She works as a secretary, and she hates going back to visit family in the mid-west because they don’t understand her, and because she would miss the California weather too much.

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