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Hey, Little Guy, Check it out!


I love this photo.  It is from back when Cosmo was just a puppy.  It always makes me laugh.  Its like Clover is saying, “Hey Cosmo, check this out.  Do you see any squirrels?  Who’s out there?  Let me show you what to bark at, ok?”

7 thoughts on “Hey, Little Guy, Check it out!

  1. Hi – this is a lovely shot of Clover and Cosmo! Our humans often wonder what we chat about too, and like Clover and Cosmo it’s usually about the good things to woof at (and where to find the best treats and cuddles!) Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  2. We’ve got that scenario going now…Maddie – resident golden retriever – teaching newbie Lexi – chocolate lab – the “ropes.”

    So funny to watch.


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