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Stuff Dogs Like – Music vs. Talk Radio!

When Clover was a puppy and in the process of destroying my home piece by piece, someone at work told me that if I left the radio on for her, the music would “soothe the savage beastie.”  At that point, I decided “what the heck, it can’t hurt.” The first day, I tuned the radio to a classical music station, patted Clover on the head and went to work.  When I got home from work, I was greeted by Clover and a completely shredded telephone book.  Strike the classical music.

mic_03I moved to Country & Western.  The results with C&W netted me new holes in the drywall, and a couple of destroyed shoes.  Strike the C&W.  From there, I worked my way through the music choices, all of which provided Clover no comfort at all.  As a matter of fact, I think the music might have even spurred her on in some cases.

Then, I found Talk Radio.  I can’t remember the station that I tuned into, but this genre  seemed to help.  The sound of human voices seemed to have a positive effect on Clover.  It wasn’t a cure-all, but it helped.

Now, fast forward 8 years to Northern Virginia.  I still leave the radio on for her when I leave the house, and have it tuned to WTOP so she can listen to the weather report, Traffic on the 8’s, and stay up-to-date on Washington News and Sports.  The one and only thing I wish is that they would ditch the commercials that use the sound of fireworks in them, usually around any holiday like the 4th of July, Memorial and Labor Day.  Drives poor Clover crazy.

There are all kinds of “music for dogs” CDs out there, some of them backed by “studies” made by veterinarians, experts in dog behavior, and so on.  You can spend lots of money on music for your dog(s).  I am not saying whether they work or not.  What I am saying is you should put that Visa card back in your wallet, and put on a Talk Radio station.  Your dog(s) wont care what they’re talking about, but they may just enjoy the sound.

5 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Music vs. Talk Radio!

  1. Ah, the joys of “owning” a hyper dog. My husband was in the hospital and a friend offered to walk Tulip. Every day, he had to touch her to wake her up for her walk. HOWEVER, she redeemed her guard dog reputation by barking at a bear (!) last night.


  2. We have to crate Sadie when we leave…but we leave Fox News on for her…lol. James has been in Colorado since Wednesday so Sadie has been sleeping on the bed all night with me…and has NEVER gotten up to go potty until morning. Makes me wonder if she is ready to move out of her crate at night and onto a doggie bed in our room. She nearly gave me a stroke a little bit ago, she rolled right off the bed and gave a loud wimper and then was holding her front paw up…she’s running around now like nothing happened. (I looked at it…seems ok) Just like having a little kid!


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