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Walla Walla Balloons By Danielle

These photographs were taken by my friend Danielle in or around Walla Walla, Washington this past Spring.  Danielle is a wonderful photographer, and I think she needs some encouragement to start her own photo blog.

Walla Walla Balloons by Danielle G.

danielle's balloon


danielle horse balloon photo

Camera Critters

danielle balloon photo 3


29 thoughts on “Walla Walla Balloons By Danielle

  1. In the begining of this year I didn’t really like to take pictures and I didn’t even know these photoblogs existed. Now I have two blogs and I love it!
    Her picture is awesome and I hope she starts a blog.

    Just do it! Go for it! :-)


  2. She did a super job on capturing the hot air balloons. Washington has a lot of beautiful things to see. I hope one day, I can see your state. Really a nice shot.


  3. Gorgeous colors of balloons, sky and green fields! We have hot-air ballooning, too, nearby in the Coloma Valley of northern California (the valley where gold was discovered in 1848, starting the California gold rush). But I’ve never seen so many at once in our area–usually just one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!


  4. She DOES seem to have talent with the camera! My compliments on YOUR multi-tasking here. I love the colorful balloons over the crisp countryside under lovely blue skies in the last shot! My Sky Watch is at Happily Retired Gal, and Camera Critters at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,


  5. We used to do a lot of ballooning when we lived in New Mexico. The horses didn’t like the sound of the burner. This horse looks like he doesn’t care! Too cool! Great shots. Thanks for the memories.


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