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How White Peaches Saved Our Family Vacation From Being A Total Disaster

I know with a lot of people, summer time means watermelon, but for me it means peaches.  I suppose I have a fondness for white peaches …

white peach

One summer my parents loaded my sister and me into the used early-1960’s Chrysler New Yorker that my dad had recently bought from his boss.  My dad hated that car.  He said it was ugly and that it drove like a giant boat.  This particular summer vacation, we headed from South Florida to a cabin in North Carolina which belonged to a friend of my dad’s.

I’ll never forget driving up the highway, when my sister who was about 8-years-old at the time, asked my dad “Daddy!  Is the car supposed to be making black smoke out the back?”  My dad cursed, and we ended up staying three days and nights in a Holiday Inn in Valdosta, Georgia.  This was back in the late-1960’s, and my dad tells the story about going with the local mechanic after he got off work to some juke joint to find the mechanic’s brother who had a junk yard and who might be able to supply a couple of needed parts.  My dad, however, had to wait at the bar in the old rural joint while the mechanic and his brother attended their weekly Ku Klux Klan meeting in the back room.  I think my dad won a few dollars in a dice game that night, but hearing him retell the story some 40-years later, he will tell you that he was scared to death, and couldn’t wait to put Valdosta in the rear view mirror.

While my dad was working at getting the car fixed, my mom, sister and I hung out at the wonderful swimming pool, and I even made a few dollars giving little kids swimming and diving lessons.

When the car was finally fixed, my parents reloaded us into the car and we headed toward the remainder of our vacation.  We stopped somewhere in South Carolina, and my mom bought a bushel of fresh white peaches.  Its the first time I remember ever eating a white peach.  It was one of those seminal moments!  Peaches come in white!   Who knew!

By the time we made it to the cabin, which was up a very steep and winding road, and required my dad to do some amazing maneuvers to get the car into the driveway, my sister and I had eaten about half of the peaches.  We were covered from head to toe in sticky peach juice and I thought my mom was going to kill us for eating so many of the peaches.  This transgression was completely forgotten when my mom tried to open the front door to the cabin.  The door would not budge.  It was one of the first times I ever saw my mom have a meltdown.  My dad got the door open after about 10 minutes of struggling, pulling, and swearing.   Mom’s meltdown was right up there with my dad’s when he realized the case of Carling’s Black Label Beer he had loaded into the car in Florida was almost gone, and that we were spending the rest of the week in a cabin on top of a mountain in a dry county.

So, there we all were.  My mom with a migrane and really pissed off at my father, my dad thirsty and without a beer in sight, all of our vacation money was used to purchase a gasket for a car that my dad really hated, my sister and me sharing a queen sized bed in a room with spiders on the ceiling, and a bathroom without any hot water.

Two things that saved the vacation from being a total disaster for me was the stash of really racy romantic novels I found in the bedroom closet, and the remainder of the bushel of white peaches.

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10 thoughts on “How White Peaches Saved Our Family Vacation From Being A Total Disaster

  1. That’s a great story! It’s a good thing I wasn’t there because I hate peaches and would have been complaining about them non-stop the whole time. ;-)

    This reminds me a little of when we rented a house in the Adirondacks with our extended family (cousins etc.) for a couple of weeks. I found a cache of “Dark Shadows” novelizations (Barnabas Collins the vampire and all that) and ripped through the entire series while we were there.


  2. You have left out soooo much!! We had no television reception, the scorpions were attacking mom on the porch, we had a rain out, that no one could get down the mountain except the guy on the horse. And, last but not least, when we went to the lake to go tubing it was shut down for pollution. And. P.S. How come you didnt share any of those books,, LOL!!!


  3. Oh and I almost fogot. You and mom getting sick and Daddy having to pull over every few minutes because the twisting and turning made you car sick!!! Not to mention how I scared the Bejesus out of dad, when I had the truckers blow their horns at us when they went by,,,,, ahhhhhh the memories :)


  4. What a great story…thought we were the only family who had cars that broke down and we seemed to spend long times raking around in the local “scrappie’s” for parts for our ancient bangers.


  5. I loved this post and I love white peaches–just got 4 from my neighbor recently…yum! Those disasters during family vacations make great stories…as they say, “Now we can laugh about it.”


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