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Just Call Me Ms. Monk

A couple of weeks ago, my neurologist called me to say he wanted me to see an Infectious Disease Specialist (IDS) to rule out Lyme Disease.  Apparently, those little ticks can cause quite the ruckus in animal and man, and someone with Lyme Disease can present with a lot of the symptoms that I’ve been having over the past few months.

When I looked up the doctor on-line, and some sleuthing as to what exactly an IDS doctor is all about, I started to get worried.  Just the word “infectious” is enough to get my stomach all upset.  I kept thinking about sitting in the waiting room surrounded by people hacking up H1N1 virus all over the office.

I used my trusty new Garmin Nuvi to help me find the doctor’s office in an area of town that I wasn’t totally familiar with.  I did know, however, that at 3:00 p.m., the traffic was going to be miserable so I started out in the general direction completely ignoring the “Turn Right in 50 feet.  Turn right now,” which would have put me on the Interstate.  Garmin kept saying “recalculating.”  After about 10 “recalculations,” I was waiting for the Nuvi to yell at me: “Turn me off if you’re not going to take the route I’m giving you, you idiot!”

I arrived at the doctor’s office a full 45 minutes early, filled out forms, and actually got in to see the doctor early.  There was one lady sitting in the corner of the waiting room having a fight wit her significant other on the cellphone between hacking coughs that sounded terrible.  I kept waiting for the TB police to show up and haul her off to some sanitarium.  There was also a man there that upon close inspection reminded me of another weeble .

I met with the doctor for over 1 and 1/2 hours while she inspected me, my lab work, and consulted with my neurologist over the phone.  The verdict?  I do not have Lyme Disease.

Oh, and some really bad news?  I am now suffering from a case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  I cannot stop washing my hands.



4 thoughts on “Just Call Me Ms. Monk

  1. I had to see an IDS when I had the infection on my finger from the dog bite. He was consulted while I was in the hospital and was a wonderful guy, and probably saved my finger. I knew though that when I wen to his office there were alot of Aids patients there too. It made me sad. I am glad you don’t have Lymes, but what are they thinking now?


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