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Bring Back My Sofa!

Cosmo:   Just thought I would let you know that when Clover and I were upstairs the other day, the sofa in the living room disappeared.  Poof! Just like that.  I’m really not sure where it went, but I keep looking for it and can’t find it.  Now, I ask you! How am I supposed to stretch out and relax while watching television?  Does Your Woman expect me actually lie on the floor?

Clover:  Yup.  The couch is gone.  I am at a loss for words.  I guess if I want to stretch out and snooze, I’ll have to lie on Your Woman’s bed, but that is not an ideal option as there is no television in the bedroom!  What is a Labrador to do, I ask you?

Note to Clover and Cosmo from “Your Woman”:  Get used to the floor because when the new sofa gets here it will be People Only Territory.

Clover & Cosmo:  “Yeah, right.  We’ll just have to see about that.”



13 thoughts on “Bring Back My Sofa!

  1. hello clover and cosmo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood just like to say that i wuz in no way involvd in the disappeerense of yore sofa or enny destrukshun wot mite be relayted to its disappeerense i hav an alibi i sware!!! ok bye


  2. We don’t have a dog (yet)- my boys are begging for one, but we “dogsat” a chocolate lab for a friend. I was prepped to keep her off my couch, but quickly caved. She looked so uncomfortable laying around on the floor! I did, however, try to keep an old comforter draped over it while she reclined- she was shedding, of course!


    • Hanging in there! The dogs are at doggy daycare, and I’m trying to rebuild a part of my google reader that I deleted by mistake last night! Ugh.

      Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  3. When the cats away the mice will play! Or in this case, when Your Woman is away then Clover and Cosmo will play. Or sleep on the sofa!


  4. Hey Clover and Cosmo you is alowed up on the sofa?? I did not know such a thang wuz possible. Now Mummys bed on the other paw… yes that is a very comfy place to be! Far superier to my bed.

    Yer pal Dozer


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