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A Church Fundraiser, and A Few Good Yard Sales (6/6/9)

My all time favorite church fundraising yard sale was yesterday.  I got there just as they opened the doors, and came away with a few goodies.  I always find something of interest at this sale.  One year, I bought two matching brass headboards for my twin beds in the guest room ($10), a pet barrier for the SUV ($3), and another time, a huge cache of vintage baby clothes/smocking patterns. 

I could have spent at least a couple of hours at this sale, going through every single item for sale; however, it filled up with people so quickly, and every which way I turned there was a little kid running around with a toy trying to trip me.  I filled up my tote bag, and after 30 minutes, headed out to a couple of yard sales.  The weather was lovely, and I was home by 10:30 a.m.

Here are some photos of the goodies that I picked up this week and on May 9:


10 thoughts on “A Church Fundraiser, and A Few Good Yard Sales (6/6/9)

  1. Neat stuff…..I remember we all had matching white fuzzy “muffs” like that one when we were little. I haven’t been to any sales lately….as soon as school gets out is when I’ll be on the prowl. I missed a few good ones already but that’s OK.


  2. What’s that first one? Is that a crow? Oh, it’s a raven … hmm, I could have called my book “A Flock of Ravens is Called an Unkindness” but that has too many syllables. Plus Ruth Rendell used it already. Anyway, great haul!


  3. Good Lord…you made quite a haul! I love the little fridge dish. I use those myself. My grandma always used them and they remind me of her:) I’m wondering what your plans are with the muff?


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