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Bodie – The Mud Monster!

bodie the mud monster

Thanks to Erin for letting me post this picture of Bodie on the blog. 

When I saw this smiling muddy dog, I knew I wanted to share it! 

Bodie – You Are One Cute (Dirty) Dog!

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26 thoughts on “Bodie – The Mud Monster!

    • I think he probably needs a complete soaking and some nice smelling soap before he gets back in the house! LoL.


  1. Oh come on, I want one of those!!!!! This is sooooo lovely!!! Thanks for sharing a picture that made me smile and which I’ll remember forever. Take care and keep smiling!


  2. For a Labrador a walk’s not a proper walk without water and/or mud along the way. Bless him! I’m sure he soon got rid of the mud on the furniture, like our dogs do . . . :-{


  3. Bodie is very handsome, mud and all. Mine comes in full of burrs instead of mud. Then the burrs get in the carpet and have to be picked out one by one. Its a good thing we love them huh? :)


  4. Talk about a happy dog! That is the most satisfied smile I have ever seen, on anybody animal OR human.


  5. At our new place, we can hose Tulip off and let her hang out on the porches that go around the house. It’s wonderful! Any ideas on the best shampoo to use on a dirty dog who has dry skin?


  6. That’s a great pic! Kinda what my white duck looks like after finding mud. Nice website!


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