Rethinking the blog … changes coming.

I’ve been rethinking the blog lately.  My friends keep telling me that I need to write down some of my stories and experiences, both past and present.  My friend Rob has been trying to convince me of this for years.  When I started this blog, it was all about the dogs.  The mutts are so much a part of my life, that I’m sure that they will always be a part of this blog, too.  But, it is time for a change.

So, stay tuned. More stories to follow, and a few of them are real doozies!

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker.


3 thoughts on “Rethinking the blog … changes coming.

    • Not to worry Denny! Dogs will always be here .. just other stuff too.

      I’ve been trying to work a deal with Tucker, but so far he’s not dealing. 30# of Liverwurst? What do you think?


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